Christopher Goram: biography, career, personal life

In this article, let's talk about Christopher Gorham,discuss his biography, career and personal life, as well as see some of his filmography. The actor is best known to the American audience for the roles played in such TV series as "Best", "Jake 2.0", "Medical Investigation", "Harper Island".


Christopher Horam was born on August 14, 1974 inthe town of Fresno, California, USA. He studied at the local Roosevelt Art School, after which he entered the University of California in Los Angeles at the Faculty of Theater and Film. While studying in college, the guy was actively engaged in various sports: fencing, martial arts, ballroom dancing.

Christopher Horam

It should be noted that in the fourth year the youngthe student was lucky to play the role of Mad Hatter in the world-famous production of Lewis Carroll "Alice in the Looking-Glass". For this work, he received the award as the best actor. What is most interesting, before that, it always went exclusively to students of the sixth year.


Debuted on the screen by Christopher Horam in 1997- as Daniel and Lucas, he appeared in the series "Spy Games". After the actor began to receive proposals to play a few episodic roles. A few years later, the young talent was noticed by director Manny Coto, who later suggested to Chris to play a major role in the series "Odyssey 5". This project brought the actor greater fame.

In 2001, Horam performed John Groberg inthe film "The Eye of the Storm". In 2003-2004, the actor played the leading role of Jake Foley in the series "Jake 2.0". A few years later, this series ceased to exist, and Chris was invited to shoot the second season of "Ebony Betty", in which he played Henry Grabstika. Since 2004, the actor played the role of Dr. Miles McCabe in the series "Medical Investigation."

Christopher Gorham Movies

Soon, Christopher Gorham, films and serials whichappear on the screen more often, has reached the peak of its popularity. From 2010 to 2014, the actor starred in the television series "Secret Operations", in which he appeared in front of the audience as the main character Oggi Anderson. It was the longest project in his acting career, a talented young man starred in 75 episodes.

Christopher Gorham, whose filmography includeshimself about forty full-length paintings and serials, continues to delight the audience with his talent and to this day. We hope that next year will bring to Chris many bright roles.

Personal life

As a student Christopher Horammet his future wife - Anel Lopez. Young people played together in a popular youth series called "The Best." January 22, 2000 they played a wedding. Spouses have lived in marriage for a long time and bring up three children: the sons of Lucas (2001) and Ethan (2003) and daughter Alondra Cecilia (2009). Now the family lives in a small town in the state of California.


The films are arranged in chronological order, the year of display is shown in parentheses:

  • "Dean Quixote" is a guy (2000).
  • "Eye of the storm" - played by John Groberg (2001).
  • "Family Secrets" - the character of Dil Gilbert (2006).
  • "The guy of my girl" - Ethan Reed (2010).
  • "Give me the answer!" - Paul Tarson (2011).
  • "The price of passion" - Chris (2011).
  • "Someone's Hero" - played the role of Dennis Sullivan.
  • "Justice League" - Christopher took part in the shooting of three parts, played the role of Barry Allen, the hero nicknamed Flash (2014-2016).

Christopher Gorham filmography

In the professional career of the actor there are about thirty serials, three of which will be released in this and the next years.

  • "Spy Game" (1997) - the role of Daniel Lucas.
  • "Spy Game" (1997) - the role of Daniel Lucas.
  • "Five of us" (1997-1998) - starred in the role of Elliot.
  • "The best" (1999-2001) - Harrison John.
  • "Odyssey 5" (2002-2003) - Neil Taggart.
  • "Jake 2.0" (2003-2004) - played the leading role of Jake Foley.
  • "Durnushka" (2006-2010) - Henry Grabstick.
  • "Secret Operations" (2010-2014) - Auggie Anderson.
  • "Once in a fairy tale" (2014) - Walsh.
  • "Breaking Heart" (2016) - Wyatt.

Christopher Gorham is a very talented actor. We hope that he will continue to please us with his works for a long time.

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