Irina Gorovaya: biography and creativity

Behind every famous man is a very strongfemale. Irina Gorovaya, the wife of a musician known to many as Potap, is one of the most influential business ladies in Ukraine. Despite the fact that in many media she is mentioned exactly as Potap's wife, she is self-sufficient and is a producer. Many beginner musicians dream to work with her.

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MOZGI Entertainment

This producer center is distinguished by itsan unusual approach to projects. Irina Gorovaya works independently with each musician. She does not shift her responsibilities to the manager. Apparently, for this reason the projects of the producer center are so popular and successful. First, across the whole of Ukraine and the CIS, the duet between Potap and Nastya Kamenskih was thundered, and then the bands Time and Glass and Mozgi became popular.

One of the last projects of Irina was the singerMichel Andrade, who is currently preparing a video for the song Amor. Not so long ago it became known that the work on this composition prompted Irina the idea of ​​how to perpetuate her love for Potap. Mountain will make a tattoo, symbolizing eternal love.

Cooperation with Alexander Tkachenko

Irina Gorovaya, whose biography is veryinteresting, on the rise of a career decided to work in several directions. Then she was engaged only in the promotion of her husband. It was for him that the woman proposed to launch a TV show "Zirka + zirka", to which Alexander Tkachenko singled out a fabulous sum, according to him. Alexander repeatedly noted that he considers Irina a promising producer.

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Initially Irina Gorovaya began to promote the showonly to please the aspirations of her husband, but in the process of work fell in love with this work. In the producer's plans - to create a Ukrainian analogue of the MTV channel, but so far the realization of this dream has been postponed. The thing is that all the time Irina is working with young performers.

How easy it is to work with Potap

Many say that Irina Gorovaya is Potap's wife,and only because of this, she was able to achieve popularity for herself. This is not so, their family is a harmonious union, where each performs its functions: Irina is responsible for the finances that are her specialty, and Potap is engaged in a creative component. It is not difficult to work together with the stars, since there are no everyday issues in their union, which is very important.
Together the couple have been together for many years, and during this time Irinahas learned not to be jealous of her partner. At first she still expressed displeasure, but now the situation has radically changed. For the filming of clips Irina is looking for girls of model appearance, and from her husband demands to look sexy, attractive and relaxed. Potap notes that this is very often given to him with great difficulty, because only on stage he is an attractive macho, but in life he is a monogamous person.

Is it true that the family is on the brink of a break?

More than once in the press wrote that Nastya Kamensky notjust works with Potap. These rumors Irina Gorovaya often used for PR purposes. She is absolutely sure of her husband and does not think that he will start an affair with an attractive singer. As in their family two children grow up, and also the couple has a lot of unrealized joint plans.

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Gossip, according to Irina, are born because of frequentthe joint appearance of Potap and Nastya at major events, candid photoshoots and a tight concert schedule. Irina intends to use the fictions of journalists for her own husband's PR. She does not always have the opportunity to accompany musicians to all concerts, since she now has young wards. This explains the absence of Gorova at the concerts, and a small number of joint photos with her husband recently. Nevertheless, she is always ready to discuss personal life with journalists, Potap is also open for communication. The couple emphasizes that they have nothing to hide, because they have long been more than a husband and wife.

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