Voronov Vadim: Biography

Voronov Vadim is a popular radio host. Currently working for the "New Radio". His fame came to the show "Russian Peppers", which appeared on "Russian Radio".

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Biography of the DJ

Voronov Vadim was born on November 5th. He was born in St. Petersburg. He himself admits that he has no higher education and suffers greatly from this.

After school, he entered the University of Cinema andtelevision, but did not study there for long. His career did not develop at the Faculty of Journalism of St. Petersburg University. The stumbling block was the session, which Voronov Vadim invariably flooded.

He changed many professions. He was a handyman at the construction site, worked as a loader at the Diet store in St. Petersburg. His career went uphill when he came to St. Petersburg television. Soon after, I got on the radio. He began to conduct large-scale entertainment events.

biography of the Voronov Vadim

"Russian radio"

Vadim felt the popularity of Voronov when he camework for "Russian radio." For several years he was the permanent host of the show "Russian Peppers". Even got into the Guinness Book of Records. He became a participant of the longest command radio show in the world. It lasted for 60 hours.

Vadim himself refers to his merits what is non-touching. He likes to drink. He likes to read newspapers, because he starts to look more respectable.

He often cooks, mainly beef. At home he has three cats.

Work on the "New Radio"

Biography of Vadim Voronov abruptly changed in 2015year. He left the station "Russian Radio" together with the whole team of the morning show "Russian peppers". Besides him, Alisa Selezneva and Sergey Melnikov left the radio station.

This became one of the consequences of hard times,which began at the radio station after the sale by the owners of the company's assets. As a result, the active opposition of current and future owners of the media holding began.

Radio station began to shake scandals. As a result, the program director Roman Emelyanov resigned. Soon after him went to many DJs.

"New radio", which is now workingVoronov, positions himself as a radio station of favorite Russian popular music. Together with Voronov, Alisa Selezneva is now working here. Together they conduct a new show called "STAR Peppers" in memory of their work on "Russian Radio".

By the way, is headed by his former program director of "Russian Radio" Roman Emelyanov. He works on air since November 2015. In addition to entertainment, there are information programs in the broadcast network.

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