French artists are impressionists. Creation

In the second half of the nineteenth century in Francea new trend is emerging - Impressionism. It is based on the aspiration of artists to transmit fleeting impressions from events and phenomena in a variety of ways.

Impressionism in painting

French artists

Having penetrated the peculiarities of this direction,young French artists begin to work in this style. Since that time they have been painting their pictures not in the studio, as it was before, but in the open air. Striving to express their impressions as much as possible, they create a completely new method of painting. Its main idea is to transfer external sensations of shadow and light to the surface of objects with the help of separate smears and exceptionally clean colors. Due to this, the various forms that formerly came to the fore are now dissolved in a life-filled air environment.

In the era of impressionism, French artistswork mainly in portrait and landscape genres, conveying their impressions of surrounding events (sketches of walks, scenes in cafes, on the street). In their paintings they depicted a natural life, where a person is in direct contact with a striking variety of bright colors by the environment. The air, into which objects and people are immersed, has become their main theme.

Considering the work of the Impressionists, amazingYou can feel the wind, the earth, heated by the sun, and even frost - so accurately the French artists transferred the wealth of natural color. This current was the last major direction in the art of the nineteenth century.

French Impressionist painters
French artists are impressionists. Claude Monet

He has an important role in developmentimpressionism in painting. Claude Monet is the creator of the famous painting "Impressions. Sunrise". In addition to this masterpiece, the artist created a number of equally famous works: "Women in the Garden" (where he portrayed his beloved Camilla), "View from the Church of Saint-Germain", "The Quay of the Louvre." The paintings of this greatest painter are represented in many museums around the world (in Paris, New York, Chicago, Boston, Moscow and St. Petersburg).

French Impressionist painters

Edward Manet

His first significant work ispainting "Absinthe Lover". Also a huge popularity is enjoyed by the masterpiece "Bathing", exhibited in the Salon of the outcast, where works are exhibited that are not accepted by the official commission. Edouard Manet is the author of many paintings, including "Portrait of Parents", "Breakfast on the Grass", "Olimpia", "Balcony".

Auguste Renoir

French artists

Many French artists who wrote in styleimpressionism, sought to convey a cheerful perception of reality. This trend is particularly pronounced in the work of Renoir. For his paintings, he chose fresh young faces, laid-back natural postures. The most famous were his works "Ball in the Garden", "Umbrellas".

modern French artists

Impressionism in a modern way

Today, the basic ideas of this oncepopular destinations remain relevant. Modern French artists in their works continue to develop this style. For as long as there is a need to rejoice in everything around him, Impressionism, with its bright colors and impressive images, will continue to exist.

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