Voronezh Circus them. Durova

The circus has always been and will be a holiday not only forchildren, but also for adults. This magnificent spectacle can remove all negative: fatigue, anxiety, fears and so on. And all because the circus is all fun and bold, here there is a person's communication with the living nature, magic is created. People always go to the circus. It means that life goes on!

Voronezh circus

Voronezh circus of Truzzi

In Voronezh circus as a kind of art beganto develop relatively recently, in the nineteenth century. Until 1882, Voronezh circus tent was held, and then they built a huge wooden building on Starokonnaya Square (the present Lenin Square). Then it was the biggest construction, which only cost a stable, where hundreds of horses could seat.

The owner of this largest provincialcircus was the Italian M. Truzzi. Then the famous clown artist AL Durov began his career as a clown. It was here that he trained animals, the first of which became a ram, a cock and a piglet.

Circus Association "Cooperative"

In 1905, a new construction for the circus was built, it contained fifteen hundred seats and was located on the Theater Square.

In 1918 there were K. Faccioli, K. Gebel, AA Durov, G. Zerendorf, E. R. Durov and others. They showed a performance called "Shattered fetters, or the triumph of the revolution." These people organized a circus fellowship and called it the "Cooperative". Thus, the private Voronezh circus of Truzzi was changed to the circus association "Cooperative".

In 1924, on the site of a wooden old circus building, a new brick building appeared, with the inscription "Gosirc", which numbered about three thousand seats.

Voronezh State Circus

Years of War

During the war the Voronezh circus burned down. When the Germans were expelled from the city, the construction of the wooden facade of the circus began. So, on the territory of the Pervomaisky garden there appeared a tent with a canvas dome. It was built by the workers of the circus, who at that time lived not far from the dugouts. Shapito stayed here until 1972.

Voronezh State Circus

The construction of a circus on the territory of the newly builtThe cemetery lasted ten long years. It was conducted on the same project as in nine other cities (Russia, Ukraine), whose author was V. Kasyan. The building was large, there were two thousand four hundred seats.

Voronezh circus tent

In the nineties the Voronezh circus had to be repaired, changed glasses, equipment.

In 2008, on the second floor of the circus, a monument to A. Durov was opened on the project of the national communities of Voronezh. The author of the sculpture was V. Arsenadze.

Circus show

Voronezh Circus is convenient and beautifulThe building, which employs a large number of talented artists. Here you can meet power acrobats, equilibrist, gymnasts, tournaments and many others. The circus troupe is replenished with new faces from the graduates of the children's and youth school of the Olympic reserve.

More than two hundred performances are held annually in the arena of the circus. Once a year on a regular basis, circus troupes from all over Russia come here.

It creates unforgettable interestingshow programs involving a large number of animals. For example, in the "Five Continents" program more than three hundred animals and birds were involved. I want to pay tribute to the trainer Gie Eradze, who himself sewed the costumes for the performance.

Circus in Voronezh love everything, every viewcollects a full audience hall. Here you can see horse riding, pantomimes, gymnastic and acrobatic performances, clownery, balancing, illusionism, musical eccentricity and much more. All numbers will leave a trace in memory for a long time. Especially memorable performances to children, so much excitement and positive emotions will not give any other spectacle.

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