Hayden Christensen: filmography and biography

Hayden Christensen is a young promising actor of Canadian descent. He was famous for his role in the epic film "Star Wars".


Hayden Christensen. Filmography

Hayden Christensen was born in Vancouver, CanadaApril 1981. His father David Christensen worked as a programmer. Mother Lee Nelson was a speechwriter. Hayden has Danish (by father) and Italian-Swedish roots (according to his mother).

The profession of a film actor has always attracted a youngman, but his father was categorically against such a career. Christensen was supported by his grandmother, whom he went to for his summer vacation in New York. There, little Hayden was in the acting studio. In addition, at his school in Toronto, he attended a drama class.

Hayden Christensen, whose filmography includes more than twenty works, began his career with filming in advertising. Then he was only eight years old.

Personal life

On the set of the film "Teleport" Hayden met with actress Rachel Bilson. Love relations began between young people. Since 2008, they have officially called themselves a couple.

After a while, Hayden and Rachel decidedget married and even set a date for the wedding. However, in 2010, their separation was announced. For a while, Hayden did not have a serious relationship with anyone, but he was credited with novels with movie partners: Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller.

A couple of months after the separation, Bilson andChristensen again saw together. Since then, they are inseparable and live in a civil marriage. And in October 2014, Rachel gave birth to Hayden's daughter, who was named Bryar Rose.

Hayden Christensen. Biography and filmography

Work in the cinema

It was about working in movies that Hayden always dreamed ofChristensen. The biography and filmography of the actor is inherent in the fact that he starred in full-length films at the age of fourteen. Initially, these were episodic roles (for example, the boy-newsboy in the film "In the Mouth of Madness") in films and TV series of Canadian production.

In 1999, he played a more prominent role in the film by S. Coppola "Virgin-suicide," after which began to receive proposals from the US film industry.

The 2000 series "Above the Earth" gave the youngan actor of faith in his talent, and he successfully played the role of the son of the protagonist in the film "Life as a house." For this work, Christensen was nominated for the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

World renown Hayden Christensen,whose filmography is not so great, received for the role of Anakin Skywalker in the second, third and sixth episodes of "Star Wars." However, for these works, Hayden received only negative reviews from critics. And even became the winner of the anti-prize "Golden Raspberry" for the worst role.

The acting career of Hayden Christensen is assessed ambiguously. Sometimes critics are supportive of the actor, in most cases, they note the lack of talent.

Main roles

Hayden Christensen, whose filmography has only a few major roles, is an actor of different roles.

His first major role he performed in "Star Wars". Anakin Skywalker is one of the most famous villains in the history of American cinema.

Then followed the work in the movie "Stephen's AferaGlass ", perceived by critics on the positive side.The role of Stephen Glass, the reporter-swindler, successfully performed Hayden Christensen.The filmography, the main role in which - a rare phenomenon, replenished with the convincing work of the young actor.

In 2007, he performs one of the main roles in the film "Territory of virgins", based on the "Decameron" Boccaccio.

Hayden Christensen. Filmography (main parts)

Then came the two main roles in the thriller"Anesthesia" and sci-fi movie "Teleport". In "Narcosis" partner Hayden was Jessica Alba, but their screen union was unsuccessful and awarded the "Golden Raspberry". In "Teleport" Christensen played with his future wife Rachel Bilson. Also Hayden Christensen played in the horror film "Disappearance on the seventh street."

In 2015, there was a Russian-American film"Robbery in American," where Hayden played the title role along with Adrian Brody. Hayden Christensen, whose filmography does not abound in high-budget paintings, received a decent fee, but the film at the box office did not pay off at all. With a budget of ten million dollars, the fees amounted to just over two million.

His films Hayden Christensen, whose full filmography includes twenty-one pictures, regards them as successful.

Interesting Facts

Movies Hayden Christensen. The complete filmography

  1. Hayden has two sisters (Kaylin and Hayes) and a brother (TuV).
  2. Christensen loves pets. He has two parrots and a rabbit.
  3. In childhood I played hockey and tennis. He loves football and is a fan of English "Manchester United".
  4. He likes to read the works of Hermann Hesse.
  5. Heiden is allergic to bees.
  6. His height is 189 cm.
  7. The director of "Star Wars" chose Christensen for the role of four hundred applicants.
  8. To work in the third episode of "Star Wars" actor had to gain eleven kilograms.
  9. She loves Italian cuisine, especially pizza and lasagna.
  10. He loves rap and hates country music.
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