"Charisma": a group and features of its creativity

"Charisma" is a group that has a Russianorigin and works in the genre of power metal. It was founded in 2004 in Moscow. The founders of the group were guitarist Leonid Fomin, vocalist Damon Avramenko and poet Alexander Elin. The latter became the producer of the team and the author of the texts.


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"Charisma" - a group that was based on the ideathe creation of a power metal association that would have a classical European style and Russian texts. This idea was borne by all the future founders of the team. Fomin had the preparations of the compositions. Yelin immediately accumulated many different ideas that were not realized in the cancers of "Aria", as well as his last author's project "Chimera". Avramenko was eager to perform original music.

Three months later, studio sessions were started. A demo was recorded. As a result, the company was offered a contract by a company called "Mystery of Sound".

In November 2005 The debut album entitled "The Source of Power" was recorded. Work on it was conducted at the studio of the collective "Black Obelisk". The head of the project is Dmitry Borisenkov. Soon it became known that the band will perform a cover version of the song "We Shake This World", the authorship of which belongs to the group "Aria", as part of the tribute album.

In 2013, the team leaves the team. To replace him comes Ivan Seliverstov. With him, the team recorded a maxi-single entitled "Brothers in battle", and also prepares the publication of a new album. Alexander Kozarez became the bass player.

In 2014 the band celebrated the decade with concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow. A new drummer of the band was introduced to them. His place was taken by Max Talion. He came to replace Vyacheslav Stosenko.

In 2016 the group left Ivan Seliverstov. In September Sergey Podkosov became the vocalist.


"Charisma" - a group in which the role of guitaristsis assigned to Leonid Fomin, Grigory Privezentsev and Alexander Kozarez. Max Kryuchkov plays the drums. Sergei Podkosov from 2016 took the place of the vocalist.

Group "Charisma": discography

group charisma discography

  • In 2005 the album "Source of Force" was recorded.
  • In 2007, the album "Charisma II" was released.
  • In 2011, we are working on a disk called "Power and Faith".
  • In 2015 the band releases the album "Signs of Destiny".

"Charisma" is a group that in 2010 released the maxi-single "Disconnect from the Network". The next work of this type appeared in 2013 and was called "Brothers, into battle!". In 2015, the tribute disc "A Tribute to CHARISMA The X Anniversary" was published. Songs of the band can also be found in collections. In particular, the song "Disconnect from the Network" was on the CD "Stolen from the studio."

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