Victoria Bonya: biography. Victoria Bonya and her husband

Victoria Bonya biography

A well-known television presenter and beauty Victoria Bonya,whose biography will be examined in this article, attracts the attention of millions of men. The girl managed to be realized not only in her career, but also in her personal life. Many people think that Bonya is a good pseudonym, but in fact this is the real name of the girl.


Vika was born on November 27, 1979 in a smallcity ​​of Krasnokamensk. The mother was brought up by the mother and grandmother, since my father threw them when Bone was only 2 years old. Money in the family was not enough for anything, so we saved everything. A popular TV presenter with pain in her heart remembers how they ate only pasta and wore boots alone at all. A great role in the education of Vika was played by the grandmother, as she instilled in the girl a correct understanding of the world around her.

As a child, Bonya suffered from many complexes,so any criticism for her was a terrible blow. Most of all, the girl was teased for her lips, which in the future became a real beauty dignity. Victoria Bonya, whose weight at the moment is only 52 kg, considered herself an ugly duckling. A slender and swarthy girl stood out among her peers, who were always trying to humiliate and pinch her.

Victoria Bonya and her husband

The first step to fame

At the age of 16 Bonya decided to take a serious step andmoves to the capital. There, of course, no one was waiting for her, and the girl had to start everything from scratch. She settled herself in the local bar as a waitress. Victoria Bonya, whose biography began to fill with unexpected and vivid events precisely during this period, did not drop her hands. The future star entered Moscow in the University and in 2003 graduated from the Faculty of Economics. A year later the girl graduated from the school of television "Ostankino".

Many believe that Vika lived only at the expense ofrich patrons, but she denies it. According to Bony, all her relationships were built solely on mutual sympathy. With one of her fans, Vika moved to America, where she devoted most of her time to sports and meditation. But Russia constantly attracted her, and Bonya eventually returned home.

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Victoria Bonya: "Dom-2" and the first serious relationship

In 2006, the girl got to the well-knowntelevision project. Reality show became more popular thanks to Bon. Millions of viewers watched her relations with the bright Stepan Menshikov. On the project, Vick lasted 338 days. During this time, the audience was able to consider all the facets of the nature of the girl. At first she was a "good girl" and did not take part in intrigues, but eventually succumbed to the specifics of the show and even took part in a fight with another participant. After Menshikov on the project, Bonn had an affair with Anton Potapovich.

Life after the project

Victoria Bonya, whose biography can not failsurprise, after she left the project, returned home and just rested and enjoyed the fact that no one else was following her. Thanks to the project, the girl became very famous, and already in 2007 she was invited to the TNT channel. There she was offered to become a leading program "Cosmopolitan. Video version ». In addition, the well-known singers Timati and Dima Bilan were invited to appear in their clips with a bright appearance. Also the beauty of Victoria Boni could be seen on the covers of many magazines. The popularity of the star was off scale, now she was invited to participate in fashion shows, in advertising various brands and even offered a role in some films, for example, in the film "A Mom is the Best!". In 2012 she became the leading well-known reality show "Vacations in Mexico-2". And she had to perform the functions of not only the presenter, but also the psychologist: she held constant conversations with the participants of Victoria Bonya. 2013 gave the girl the opportunity to get to the "Tower" - a well-known television project on the First Channel. In addition, the well-known TV presenter has a number of awards, for example, her collection has a premium of a TV presenter, a reality show star, and also the title of the most sexy girl in Russia according to the popular French magazine. Now Vika is launching her own cosmetics line, which will help all women feel beautiful. She is also the leading radio station in Monaco, which began broadcasting in Russian.

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Personal life

Victoria Bonya, whose biography is richdetails of her vivid personal life, for the first time she started a serious relationship with the footballer of "Spartacus". According to the girl, at the first meeting she thought she knew the young man all her life. Although the man was younger than Vika for 7 years, was in a civil marriage and had a son, their romance developed very rapidly. But the passion was gone, the couple broke up. Relations lasted only 3 months.

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Victoria Bonya and her husband

Now the star is determined, and in her life there isthe beloved man to whom she gave her daughter. Alex Smerfit came to life Wiki quite by accident, they met at a dinner with a close friend. After they got to the presentation of the video Vlad Topalov, where the girl was surrounded by journalists. So Alex learned that in Moscow Vika is very popular. Her friend said that this young man is very rich and, according to rumors, a womanizer that pushed Viktoria away. However, the guy was persistent and yet won her heart. A month later they already lived together and literally did not part for a minute. In 2012, Vika gave birth to her beloved daughter Angelina. According to the TV presenter, the girl grows by leaps and bounds, and more and more becomes like her dad. Since the beloved and daughter live in Monaco, Bonya is literally torn between the two countries. Despite all these events, more recently Vika and Alex stated that they are not going to officially register their marriage, as they are already simply bored with such questions, and now this is a matter of principle.

Star hobby

In addition to her secular life, Victoria was engaged incharity and actively helped children's shelters. According to Bony, her real passion is street racing. It gets a real pleasure from driving a car at high speed. The management of the car in similar situations Viku taught at the school of extreme driving. A well-known TV presenter could be seen even at some competitions. A significant part of the girl's time is religion. She visits churches and monasteries, and also helps the parish. Victoria Bonya, whose biography turned out to be similar to the fairy tale about Cinderella, considers herself to be a lucky woman, as she has realized both in love and in her career.

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