Jean Luc Bilodo: films, biography and the personal life of the actor

Jean Luc Bilodo is todaya rather famous and promising young actor. For ten years of his career, he managed to participate in the filming of famous and popular TV series and even star in several high-profile films. The number of fans of his talent increases every year, and they are interested not only in the career achievements of the guy, but also his biography and personal life.

Jean Luc Bilodo: biography and general information

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Born future actor on November 4, 1990in the Canadian city of Vancouver. His parents Raymond and Barbara live there and to this day. By the way, Jean Luc Bilodo was not the only child in the family. The guy has a sister, Danielle, who now works in Vancouver as a recruiting agent, looking for new, promising talents.

The guy graduated from Holly Cross School, whichis located in the vicinity of British Columbia. Of course, the propensity for the theatrical art began to manifest itself in his childhood. Moreover, Jean Luc Bilodo was a born comedian, and Jim Carrey himself became his idol.

How did Jean Luc become an actor?

Not all fans of the young actor know aboutthe fact that he used to be seriously engaged in dancing. He dedicated nine years of life to the study and perfection of this art. By the way, he danced mainly in modern styles, including hip-hop.

But in 2004 he managed to work for the first time onset. He played a small role for little Bobby in the Canadian film "Ill Fated". But even this was enough to ensure that young Jean decided to devote his full time to learning acting and working in film.

The series "Kyle HU" and career takeoff

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2006 was the beginning of a career for the youngbeginning actor. It was at this time he was offered one of the key roles in the series "Kyle HU". The story of the immediate guy Kyle, who for some reason found himself in the middle of the forest, not remembering anything about his past, fell in the hearts of the audience.

Here, Jean Luc Bilodot (photo) played Josh Traiger- the youngest son of a married couple who took care of Kyle. It is worth noting that the young actor has always dreamed of trying himself in a comedy role and here he managed it. After all, he was completely transformed into a witty teenager with ordinary problems and an uncommon sense of humor. It was his character who added a much needed lightness and a kind of comicality to the series. This project lasted four seasons, then, to the displeasure of the fans, was closed. Nevertheless, Jean Luc Bilodo, like all the other members of the cast, became a real star. The role of Josh became for the actor a ticket to a great movie.

Jean Luc Bilodo: the filmography

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Even while working on the series "Kyle HU"The young actor began work on other projects. For example, in 2007 he starred in the American horror film "Trick or Treat". Here he played Schroeder, one of five children, who came on the eve of Halloween to an abandoned quarry where, according to legend, there was a mass murder of children.

In 2008, he lit up in one of the mostknown and popular mystical series "Supernatural" - in one of the episodes he got the role of Justin. In 2009, the actor received another episodic role in the teenage fantasy series "Monster Hunters."

In 2010, Jean Luc Bilodo received the main role in thecomedy from the Disney film studio called "16 candles". Here he played Jay, a nice guy who was in love with a best friend and did not dare to confess her feelings to her. In the same year he received a small role of Bret Martin in the science fiction series "Unusual Family".

And in 2011, the actor got the role of Ash, the guythe main character Chris in the movie "The Best Player". Of course, then there were other movies with Bilodo. For example, in 2012, the actor again appeared on the screen - this time in the image of Jeremy in the teen film "Summer. Classmates. Love". Here he worked on the same site with Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus.

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In the same 2012, the rental is blackcomedy "Piranha 3D", which is a parody of a horror film that appeared on screens in 2010. Here, Jean Luc gets one of the key roles. In 2012, the actor also agrees to the main role in the sitcom "Daddy". Here he plays Ben Wheeler, a young guy working as a bartender, who undertakes to raise a newborn daughter himself, left under the doors of a former girl.

The personal life of the actor

Of course, the personal life and hobbies of the youngthe actor is interested in all his fans. Jean Luc Bilodo meets with Canadian actress Emmaline Estrada. By the way, the guy does not like to be called a full name - he prefers shortened J-El. He regularly does yoga, attends a gym, and in his spare time he goes to the mountains, because he loves snowboarding. By the way, the actor is a fan of hockey.

As for plans for the future, then Jean Lucplans to write scripts in due time, to create own films and serials. As for the acting career, the guy dreams at least once to try himself in the role of a negative hero.

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