The series "Brotherhood of the landing": actors and their roles.

In 2012, the first season of the newcriminal series "The Brotherhood of Troopers." The audience immediately liked the content of the film, according to reviews, he received a score of 7 points out of 10. The reason for this is a fascinating plot of the work and a competent play of actors.

The summary of the famous series

Russian-Ukrainian criminal thrillertells about the life and fate of four friends, in the past - paratroopers. They will have to deal with criminal elements in order to protect themselves and others, and also ensure peace and order.

In one of the villages of Chechnya, paratroopers and militantsenter a bloody battle. Terrorists are destroyed. One of the paratroopers is Arthur Glebov. He begins to shoot civilians, not listening to the order of the leadership. To disarm it, other paratroopers have to organize an air strike on the Chechen village. Arthur was found dead.

Upon returning to their native land, the paratroopers began ordinary life: someone became a policeman, someone was a doctor.

Brotherhood of the landing actors
But soon the events compel them to unite. The fact is that quite suddenly the dead Arthur "revives" and begins his war with the paratroopers.

"Assassination Brotherhood": actors and roles

The director of the TV series Armen Nazikyan was able to successfully select the actors for the roles in the film. Thanks to their talented performance and captivating content, the series became one of the favorite TV projects for many.

The audience was very worried about the fate of the heroes of the series"Assassination Brotherhood." The actors were able to accurately convey the images of courageous and strong paratroopers, a negative character and other participants in the events described.

actors of the series

The first season of the series was a huge success. Therefore, the second one is planned.

Consider what movie actors were involved inTV series "Brotherhood of the landing." Actors of the first season: Sergei Gorobchenko (police major), Anatoly Kot (FSB), Farhad Makhmudov (plastic surgeon), Egor Pazenko (businessman). Negative character - Mikhail Polosukhin (Glebov).

In addition to the main characters, the following people participated in the film: Maxim Konovalov, Alexei Osipov, Sergei Kolos, Igor Vukolov, Ian Tsapnik, Julia Rudina, Maria Beznosova and other famous actors. All of them showed great professionalism and skill.


Heroes of the film have to withstand lawlessness,rendering each other serious help and support. After all, there is nothing stronger than the friendship of fellow servicemen and fellow soldiers. This is what we are talking about in the crime serial "The Brotherhood of the Airborne."

The actors remarkably showed the friendship of the paratroopers, which nothing will break. Ordinary young guys live by the principle: never to throw a friend in trouble.

Actors and roles

The series is good in that it gives a farewell to today'syouth to be real people, decent citizens and patriots of their country. Therefore, you can advise you to watch the movie "The Assassination Brigade", whose actors coped with their role and task "perfectly".

Undoubtedly, young viewers will become moremerciful, decent and disciplined. In turn, I would like to hope that the actors of the TV series "The Assassination Brigade" will many times rejoice viewers with new roles in good movies.

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