Star biography: Irina Pegova in cinema and in life

biography of irina pegova

Not many novice actresses are awarded titlesHonored Artist of the Russian Federation, this requires a lot of work. And Irina Pegova, whose biography is described in the article, was working on the verge of her capabilities. Today, she is a successful actress not only in Russian cinema, but also in theater. What is interesting to us can tell her biography? Irina Pegova - what it is outside the stage and cameras? We will now talk about this.

Star biography: Irina Pegova in childhood

In 1978, on June 18, in a simple family,who lives in the city of Vyksa (Nizhny Novgorod region), a girl was born, who was named Ira. Sport and music - this is what parents tried to teach their daughter. Irina from early years was engaged in swimming, track and field athletics, equestrian sports, fencing. In the winter season, skis and skates were always ready for use in the house. But most of all the girl liked to play the violin and sing. Ira entered the music school, and after her graduation she thought about professional vocals, she wanted to become a theater student. Mom of the future artist did not like this idea, and she insisted that her daughter enter the Polytechnic in Nizhny Novgorod. But fate gave Ira a chance that she gladly took advantage of.

irina pegova biography

Star biography: Irina Pegova on the way to a dream

When Pegova was in her sophomore yearUniversity, the "Workshop of P. Fomenko" came to the city on tour and got on the course of Irina. This chance the girl could not miss. She showed herself in the best light, and Pyotr Fomenko, appreciating her diligence, offered to enter GITIS on his course. Irina, to save money for the trip, got a job as a cleaner. As soon as she had enough money, she went to Moscow and realized one of her desires - she became a student of theatrical!

Actress Irina Pegova: Biography

Already in 2001 Pegova joined the troupe"Workshop P. Fomenko" and played a role in the classical performances. Irma's brightest roles were dishwasher Irma in "Mad from Chaillot" and Sonya in "Uncle Van". Pegova works in the theater "Tabakerka" and begins his career in cinema.

actress irina pegova biography

Her debut was the picture "Walk", for the role inwhich she received at once two awards - "Golden Eagle" and "Window to Europe." As the actress recalls, it was for her a big surprise and even ... a disappointment. She believes that the awards give the actor a sense of great achievements, and so many stop working on themselves, because they think that everyone has already proved everything to everyone. And she does not strive for this, the actress just wants to do her job well. Among the successful works of Pegova - roles in the paintings "The Savior under the Birches", "The Girlfriend of the Special Purpose", "Varenka", "Zoya", "Masha in the Law", "The Cosmos as a Presentiment" and many others.

Star biography: Irina Pegova and her personal life

In 2005, Irina married, her life companionbecame an actor Dmitry Orlov, with whom they had just met several years before. In an interview, Dmitry said that for a long time he could not believe that Ira was not like all actresses. Despite her profession, she remains a real, simple, ordinary woman. This is what conquered him. In marriage, a daughter was born, whom the couple called Tatyana. But something prevented their family happiness, in 2011 the actors divorced.

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