Tale of "Alenushka and Brother Ivanushka": a description of the plot

Who does not like Russian folk tales? "Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka" is a wonderful work, which almost every one of us remembers from childhood. However, to be precise, it should be noted that the correct name of the fairy tale is "Sister Alenushka and Brother Ivanushka". Like any work of this genre, it usually starts with the words: "Once upon a time". Fairy tales - they are for that and fairy tales, so that we - the descendants - have their own wisdom to transmit and teach to distinguish the truth from deception, good from evil, good man from evil, etc. Fairy tales play a huge educational role, without them - anywhere, any child by heart knows them from a dozen and will gladly tell you if you ask him very much.

fairy tale alyonushka and brother Ivanushka

The Tale of "Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka"

In one remote village lived-there was an old man withold woman, great joy for them were their children: daughter Alenushka and son Ivanushka. The time has come, and parents have died, and children have become orphans. Alyonushka began to go to work and took her little brother with her.

The Tale of "Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka"continues by the fact that once they walked across the wide field and the way to the distant one. Here Ivanushka strongly wanted to drink the water, about which he began plaintively asking his sister. But she tenderly asked to wait and assured him that soon they would meet a well in their way, that they would get drunk from it. However, the sun began to heat even more, and to the well still go and go. Children became languid, sweat protruded, the heat pestered.

And suddenly Ivanushka sees on the road a trace from the hoofcow, full of water. He again begged his sister to give him a drink from the hoof, but his sister strictly forbade drinking from there, having warned him that if he does this, he will turn into a calf. Ivanushka obeyed, and they went on.


The folk tale "Sister Alyonushka and brotherIvanushka "continued with the fact that after a while the heat began to torment them even more, and on the road a horse's hoof with water appeared, and the brother again began asking Alenushka to give him a drink from it. Alyonushka asked him to wait a little longer and not drink from the hoof, so as not to become a foal. Ivanushka sighed heavily, and they again continued their journey.

But after a while Ivanushka was completely unbearable, and when he saw there, on the road, a goat's hoof with water, he did not listen to his sister Alyonushka, got drunk from it and turned into a kid.

When called Alenka Ivanushka, then at her call ran a little kid. Seeing him like that, she sat down under the hayloft and wept bitterly with tears. A kid next to her and jumps.

The tale "Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka", thus, teaches the youngest to always obey the elders.

fairytale sister alyonushka and brother Ivanushka


At this time the merchant passed by, seeing the girl intears, he asked why she was so upset. Alenka told him about her misfortune. Then he tells her not to grieve so, but would marry him. The merchant promised her that she would dress her in gold and silver clothes, and the kid would live with them. Alyonushka agreed. And they began to live all together and amicably, and the goat with them, from one cup with Alenka eats and drinks.

Once the merchant went on business, and then suddenly a witch comes from the forest, stood under the window and began to call Alenushka to swim on the river.

Alenka came with a witch to the river, and she would rushon her and, tying a heavy stone to her neck, threw the girl into the river. She herself turned to Alenushka, put on her dress and came to them in the mansion. When the merchant returned, he did not know about the substitution. One kid is homesick, does not eat, does not drink. In the morning he began to run to the river bank and call his sister, Alenushka.

Russian folk tales alyonushka and brother Ivanushka

The witch's scheming

The witch quickly found out about this and became a merchantpersuade to slaughter a kid. But the merchant did not hurry with this matter, he became attached to a sweet kid. And the witch does not stop, and finally persuaded the merchant, lit fires, cast-iron boilers put and sharpen knives.

The kid went to his named father and asked him to let him go for the last time to drink water on the river, because he does not live long in this world. He agreed.

The little goat struggled to run to the river andplaintively began to call Alenushka, so that she regretted and interceded. But the sister lay on a deep bottom, she responded, but she could not do anything, because her stone was heavy on her neck, the grass of her leg entangled, the sand on her breast lay down.

But on this tale "Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka" did not end.

Attentive servant

A witch does not find a place for herself, she has lost sight of a kid. And then sends a servant to find a kid and urgently bring him to her.

The servant went to the river and saw that there was a goatruns and calls his sister, and a sister from the water and he says that the stone pulls her down. Hearing this conversation, he ran to the merchant and told everything. Then all the people gathered and came to the river, threw strong nets and dragged Alyonushka ashore, took off the unfortunate stone from the neck, dipped in key water and put on clothes. She immediately became more beautiful than she was.

folk tale sister Alenushka and brother Ivanushka

And then the tale "Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka" came up to the most interesting.

The kid was so happy and happy that fromhappiness spread over his head three times and again became the same Ivanushka. The witch was caught, tied to the tail of the horse and in a clean field allowed. This is how the fairy tale "Sister Alenushka and Brother Ivanushka" ended fair and kindly.

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