Who wrote the fairy tale "Bean grain"? Disputes about authorship

Each of us read fairy tales as a child. Many of them we remember by heart, but, unfortunately, we do not always know their authors. Who wrote the fairy tale "Bean grain"? But this is one of the most famous magic stories. More details about it are in our article.

Disputes about authorship

We are all used to the fact that known to us storiesnecessarily Russian folk, that is, as such, the author does not have. They were invented by people a long time ago, and to us they are safe and sound. But not always people were the only author. Do you know who wrote the fairy tale "Bean grain"? It turns out that it really belongs to folklore, but it was transformed and made known by our Russian writer - Alexei Tolstoy. Now it already acquires the author's status and is published under his name.

who wrote a fairy tale bean seed

Plots for different authors

Plots of Russian folk history and the "remake" of Tolstoy are very similar. And yet it is worthwhile to find out: whose fairy tale is "Bean grain?"

And in that and in other history Cocker hardly avoidedof death. He finds a seed, eats, suffocates them, and he has nothing to breathe. Then comes to the rescue of his girlfriend Chicken. Wanting to save Petushka, she will seek help from everyone. From this moment the stories begin to differ, depending on who wrote the fairy tale "Bean grain". In Tolstoy, Kurochka and Cock live with her mistress in her house. In the folk tale, the birds are free.

Now the Chicken will bypass the entire owner's farm. The first was the cow. She had to give the oil to the Rooster to swallow it and the seed slipped. But there it was: the cow asks to go to the mowers and take the hay from them. The hen wants them to hay, but they, in turn, send it to the stove behind the rolls.

author of the fairy tale bean grain

But even here she will not be lucky: now you need to hurry to the woodcutter, and then - to the blacksmith, so that he forged an ax. The latter asks Kurochka to fire coals. And then, finally, the story goes in the opposite direction. The hen brought coals, the smith forged an ax, the woodcutters chopped firewood, the oven gave kalachi, and the mowers - hay. At last the Cow ate and gave milk, which was whipped into the butter by the mistress.

The hen brought it to Petushka, he swallowed it, and a seed slipped from his throat further.

Regardless of who is the author of the fairy tale "Bean grain", the story ends positively.


Magic, as always, works wonders. The hasty Cockerel remains alive. What does this tale teach us? Of course, not in a hurry, and not only during a meal. It is not always possible for a compassionate Kurochka to be near, ready to help.

whose fairy tale bean seed

After reading a fairy tale, we learn kindness and responsiveness. The child realizes how important it is to lend a helping hand in a difficult situation. Sometimes it is not easy, but you can not give up. How bravely Kurochka saved her Cockerel, so each of us should not be afraid of obstacles. Everyone she asked for help was not denied, but she was given certain conditions. But nothing was frightened of a true friend. And not in vain: Cockerel remained alive and loudly shouted his "Cockerel!".

Now we know who wrote the fairy tale "Beangrain ". Its main creator was the Russian people many hundreds of years ago. Alexei Tolstoy remade it, so we learned about the new adventures of the brave chicken.

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