The author of "The Fox and the Crane" - who is it?

Probably, there is no such person who, at leastonce in my life I have not heard a fairy tale about a fox and a crane who have not been able to make friends. And this is not surprising. After all, the author of "Fox and Crane" is the people themselves. Variations of the fairy tale itself are many, because it has been passed on from mouth to mouth for several generations. In fact, no one can remember who was the first creator of the fairy tale. The fairy tale is considered to be Russian folk, it is present in the folklore of almost all Slavic peoples. Its variations can be found in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian folk art. Let's figure out what this fairy tale is about, and who, in fact, is its author?

What is a fairy tale about? Short retelling

The author of "Fox and Crane" - Russian people -describes in a fairy tale how Fox and Crane tried to make friends. The fox wanted to treat Zhuravlya and invited him to visit, cooking manki and smeared it on a plate. While the hostess treats Zhuravlya, she boasts that she cooked the treat herself. The Crane did not manage to try the porridge even a little, because the beak has a similar dish uncomfortable. And the Fox, meanwhile, ate the porridge and began to apologize that there was nothing else to buy the Crane. He, in turn, invited his friend to visit him already.

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The author of the fairy tale "The Fox and the Crane" describes further,as a "red-haired gossip" came to visit. Crane prepared a treat in a pitcher - a delicious okroshka, which it is convenient for him to eat with his beak. The fox, trying to taste food, turned the jug in all directions, but could not eat and crumbs. The crane ate and also apologized that there was nothing to treat the Fox.

What is the moral of the fairy tale?

The author of "Fox and Crane" has shown on an example of a fairy tale,as beings with different preferences and characters can not find common points of contact. In fact, the moral of the fairy tale consists not only in this, but also in the following: trying to please yourself, but without thinking of others, you can not do anybody better from it. In addition, the phrase "How will it ring, and responds" fits to the tale, because the author of "Fox and Crane" probably laid this very saying in morality. This can not be doubted.

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The author of "Fox and Crane". Is there a fairy tale variation in the modern world?

Since the fairy tale is a Russian folkcreativity, it is often interpreted in the modern world, adapting to the format of performances and scenes for children. The author of "Fox and Crane" as a short play for one minute in a poetic form was Olesya Yemelyanova, and she wrote the play in 2001. In her vision, the play can be presented to one or two or three actors - Fox, Crane, Storyteller. It's best to read Olesya's play to children when they study this fairy tale at school, because they will better remember both the plot and the moral of the work.

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