Cinema of Barnaul: where to spend the weekend?

It's nice to spend the evening of the day off, sitting withpopcorn and lemonade in a comfortable armchair cinema. In each self-respecting city there is a couple of cinemas, Barnaul is no exception. Watching movies is one of the most beloved classes of citizens. That is why there is a sufficient number of cinemas in Barnaul to take more than 3000 thousand spectators every hour. So where do you go to watch a movie in the Altai Territory capital?

Kinomir Network

cinemas of barnaul

The company operates in the Altai Territory and the Novosibirsk region. In Barnaul the widest network - 5 cinemas.

In all cinemas, the Dolby Atmos sound system is installed, which surrounds each spectator with the effect of being present in the film.

The beginning of the firm was in 2002, when theThe first cinema "Mir" (the further name of the company was received thanks to a duet of words). It has three halls, accommodating 600 people. In addition to the usual spectator area with comfortable chairs, there is also a special VIP area with sofas. The films are shown in both 2D and 3D formats. The address of the cinema of Barnaul: pl. Victory, 1.

Next opened "Kinomir" in the shopping center "Europe" in 2008 on the Pavlovsk tract. In total, it has 4 rooms, designed for 620 people.

After the successful start of the second institution,"Kinomir" did not stop and appeared in the SEC "Ogni" on the street. A. Petrova, 219b. As this area is actively built up, the demand for film screening services is very high here, therefore, 5 halls for 740 seats were laid.

In 2015, a cinema was opened in Barnaul in the shopping center "Arena" (Pavlovsky Trakt, 188). "Kinomir" moved to a new format: one of the 8 rooms (designed for 1,300 people) is equipped with IMAX technology.

The newest cinema opened in autumn 2017 is"Kinomir Galaxy", in the Galaxy shopping center, located at Stroiteley avenue, 117. To the TV viewer's service are the cinema bar, Love-seat sofas and the latest technologies in displaying the image and sound.

Cinemas in the center

addresses of cinemas of barnaul

In addition to the "Kinomir" network, there are single cinemas in Barnaul, but nevertheless they are quite popular. In different parts of the city there are representatives of this category.

  • For example, in the center - on the street. Krupskaya, 97 - the cinema "Premiere" is located. This is practically one of the surviving establishments that operated in the last century. The administration is meeting customers and is pleased to arrange screenings for applications.
  • Pioneer Cinema. The repertoire of the Barnaul cinema differs markedly from the others: not only premieres are shown, but also various genre themes that are not widely publicized, and sometimes even controversial. 9 cinemas, 1,300 spectators, exclusive equipment and design of each film site makes Pioneer Cinema one of the leaders in film demonstrations. Address: Lenin Avenue, 102V.

Cinemas in remote areas of the city center

cinemas of barnaul

  • "Matrix". In the park "Edelweiss", on the street. Yurin, 275 B, there is a cinema in Barnaul, which has a cozy home atmosphere and tranquility. There are 3 cinemas for 177 spectators. "Matrix" is an ideal place for family rest after an active walk in the park.
  • Formula. The modern cinema is located in the shopping center "Celebratory", on the street. Baltic, 16. Many spectators note that in it the screens have a special effect of soaring. In fact, the screen is made with the latest technology. The material from which it is made absorbs excess light and increases the area of ​​perception of the image by the human eye.

Barnaul has enough places to showcase films, no need to go far to assess the world premiere. All cinemas are located chaotically and cover all areas of the city.

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