Ian Nelson is an actor from the "Hunger Games"

One of the actors who started his career stillthe boy, is Ian Nelson. Films with his participation are diverse enough: some went on hire only in the United States of America, others were recognized in the world box office. But the peak of the young actor's career has not yet come. This can be expected in the near future.

short biography

Ian Nelson

Ian Nelson was born on 10.04.1995 in a Jewish family in the city of Winston-Salem. Father - Mark Nelson, mother - Jani Nelson. The second name of the young Ian is Michael.

He received his primary education at the Levisville School in North Carolina. In addition to acting, he dances and performs songs.

Career in cinema

Ian Nelson began his acting career in 2011. His agent is William Morris Endeavor. The agency works with such well-known actors as Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, and Met Damon.

Ian Nelson Movies

The young actor still can not boast of great filmography. But his career is moving in the right direction.

Jens Nelson's films:

  • "Wolf" - the series is known under the name"Werewolf", removed from 2011, the screens came out 6 seasons. The plot tells of a young man bitten by a werewolf Alpha. The boy seeks to protect his loved ones. This is helped by the mysterious werewolf Derek Hale, played by Tyler Hecklin. The role of young Derek Hale went to Nelson.
  • "One is not alone" - the historical film was released in the US in 2013 and 2014. He narrates about the events of 1755 in Ohio. The actor embodied the image of a young Owen.
  • "Medias" - an American-Italian-Mexican dramatic film, released in 2013. Nelson got the role of Mikah.
  • "Judge" is a legal drama about family relations between father and son of 2014. Ian plays Erika.
  • "The best in me" is the melodramatic picture of 2014. The actor played Jared.
  • "Fan" - an erotic thriller of 2015 withJennifer Lopez in the title role. Ian played the role of Kevin, the son of the main character Claire, pursued by a young man who is in love with her. To get her, he commits many cruel acts, including trying to kill Claire's husband and her son.

Ian Nelson continues to actively act in films.

In the "Hunger Games"

Ian Nelson "The Hunger Games"

The picture is based on the novel by Susan Collins. The premiere took place in 2012. According to the story, the host show together with the manager recall how the "Hunger Games" began. Once these monstrous competitions were punished for disobedience, which resulted in a riot. Years later, the games became an entertainment show, which is broadcasted throughout the country.

The main character is Katniss Everdit. She is friendly with Gail and hunts with him in the forest. At the ceremony, it is announced that Prim and Pete should become volunteers in the "Hunger Games". Katniss decides to go to the games instead of her sister. The heroine shows excellent results during training, and Pete admits to everyone that is in love with her. During the game, the girl was helped by another participant named Ruta, who soon died. According to the new rules, two participants from the general district can become winners. Katniss searches for Pete, they manage to defeat the main opponent. Founders again change the rules - there must be one participant. In order not to fight each other, Katniss and Pete decide to eat poisonous berries. Founders can not leave the game without a winner, so they become heroes.

Ian Nelson ("Hunger Games") got the role of a guy from the third district.

In The Talker with Ghosts

The series "Talking with Ghosts" was published in2005-2010. The series tells of a girl Melinda, who is able to see and communicate with ghosts. For the first time she helps her friend Andrea, who is frightened by the ghost in the house. For five seasons, the main characters were Melinda and Jim.

"Speaking with ghosts" Ian Nelson

As the series ended in 2010, the IanNelson could not physically act in it. His career began only in 2011. But in the credits the actor is listed. How so ?! The fact is that in the famous series is played by another Ian Nelson. "Speaking with ghosts" you can carefully look and find that the role of Bruce is played by an actor with light eyes and blond hair. His name is the same as the actor from the "Hunger Games", but the date of his birth is 05/09/1982, and the birthplace is the city of Madison. In addition to this series, he starred in fifteen more films.

Such amazing coincidences are extremely rare, so when you see the name of your favorite actor in the credits, do not expect that it will appear on the screen.</ strong </ p>

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