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British actress Natalie Dormer was born on the 11thFebruary 1982 in the city of Reading, Berkshire, in the south of England. At six years old, the girl entered the "Reading Blue Coat School" high school, where throughout her studies she rejoiced teachers with perseverance and exemplary behavior. In addition to the school, artistic Natalie attended the dance studio "Allenova School of Dancing". Then the future actress entered the Douglas Webber Academy of Dramatic Art, in which she was studied by the famous actress Minnie Driver and the popular British theater and film actor Hugh Bonneville.

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Debut in the big cinema Natalie Dormer took placein the spring of 2005. She played Victoria in the movie "Casanova" directed by Lasse Hallström with Heath Ledger in the title role. In the process of filming, the director was impressed by the talented play of the young actress in comic episodes, and immediately expanded the plot of the character of Natalie, adding Victoria's buffoonery and lightness. It turned out a magnificent burlesque, and since then Dormer periodically used her comedic abilities in those or other films.

The further career of the actress consisted inmostly from small roles in TV shows. Film company Disney Touchstone offered her a contract to participate in three film projects, but subsequently these three films were not put into production due to financial disagreements. Movies with Natalie Dormer began to appear on the screen after she was included in the list of the most sought after actresses in the UK cinema.

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Starring role

In the television series "Tudors" Natalie produceda real sensation. She played the role of Anna Boleyn - the wife of the ambitious and cruel Henry the Eighth - the King of England. The actress created the image of Anna with tremendous certainty. Her death on the scaffold at the behest of the king, who accused his wife of treason, which was not, made the whole of England sob. The image of Anna Boleyn became truly starry for Natalie. The actress received a double nomination for the Gemini Awards, as well as much praise from film critics.

Variety of roles

After the triumph of Natalie Dormer as Anna Boleyn inthe actress's acting came a period of calm, she acted in small projects on television, played Elizabeth Bouz-Lyon in the film "We Believe in Love." In 2011, she starred in the television series "Silk" about the Royal Bar Association of Great Britain. Then Natalie got the role of Margery Tyrell in the large-scale television series "The Game of Thrones".

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In 2013, the movie was released thriller"Adviser" directed by Ridley Scott. The composition of the actors involved in the production was truly stellar: Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt. Natalie Dormer, whose filmography already included a lot of pictures with characteristic roles, also took part in a thriller, but her role was episodic, the character did not even have a name. It was an abstract image of a blonde. This is the fate of many stars of the movie screen, when success and recognition alternate with a decline in popularity.

"Joan Watson"

But still the actress Natalie Dormer, whose photo is alreadyhave long become an integral part of glossy magazines, firmly occupied its niche - its role allows us to hope for a successful career continuation. And in 2013, the actress played one of the roles of the second plan in the television series about the detective Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Seth Mann swung at the classics of the unrivaled Conan Doyle. He made the film "Elementary" on the motives of an immortal cycle of stories about a great detective. The picture was more than doubtful: Sherlock Holmes was presented in the image of a chronic drug addict, forced to be treated in an American clinic. Dr. Watson was no longer in the film, the director replaced it with a single movement of the female character - Joan Watson. Slightly healed, Sherlock Holmes discharged from the clinic and begins the duties of a New York police advisor in Brooklyn. The image of Jamie Moriarty - the daughter of the criminal professor Moriarty - was played by actress Dormer impeccably.

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Creativity of Natalie Dormer today

In the same 2013, Natalie Dormer received anothera secondary role. Her character was Gemma - a friend of one of the participants in the Formula-1 race of the 1976 season. And then the actress took part in the shooting of Francis Lawrence's "Joke-Mockingbird, Hunger Games, Part 1" directed by Cressida, the head of the rebel film crew. The picture was conceived as a continuation of the film "And the flame will break out" based on the novel by Susan Collins. The premiere is scheduled for November 21, 2014. The next film "Joke-Mockingbird, Hunger Games, Part 2" will be shot in 2015, starting in April.

Personal life

Natalie Dormer, whose personal life in no wayis covered in the pages of popular publications, at her 32nd birthday she was never married. It seems that she does not aspire to this. From time to time in the press there are shy hints of some adultery actress, but the next day usually should be a refutation. When the movie "Tudors" came out on the television screens about the reign of King Henry VIII of England, reporters of newspapers and magazines rubbed their hands - according to many, the love of the king and his young wife went beyond the script.

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However, despite the obvious love experiences,occurring on the screen, the sensation did not work out, and to unite actress Natalie Dormer and actor Jonathan Rhys-Myers, giving them the status of lovers, failed.

In addition to the alleged hidden loveadventures, the actress has enough other interests. Natalie is a member of the London Academy of Fencing, even sometimes takes part in prestigious competitions in rapier and saber class. Sports preparation Dormer is impressive: she can run 10 kilometers in one breath.

Natalie has a well-placed voice -mezzo-soprano, she sings classics and operetta parts. True, it does this only for themselves and for close friends. As necessary, he performs small song inserts during the course of the film, in which he participates. Dormer admires the talent of Cate Blanchett, an Australian actress who is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her. And Natalie's favorite film is "Queen Margot" with Isabelle Adjani.

The actress is a passionate fan of poker. She was the only representative of the world of cinema, who participated in the international poker tournament among women, held in 2008. Then Natalie Dormer took the honorable second place.

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