Musical "For Two Hares": actors, roles

In 2003 the premiere of the musical was held"For two hares." The actors who performed the main roles are not professional actors of the theater and cinema. They are the stars of the national stage. The creator of the musical is Maxim Papernik. The Ukrainian director is known for such projects as "The Twelve Chairs", "The Snow Queen", "The Last Christmas", "The Untouchables".

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In 1961, the Soviet screens released a musicalfilm, which received a resounding success. The film "For Two Hares" became so popular that one of the famous theater directors of that time decided to stage a performance on it. The production received positive feedback from the audience. The play did not leave theatrical posters for more than twenty years.

After several decades, repeat the successthe director of the legendary Soviet filmstrip decided and Maxim Papernik. Of course, he could not beat Viktor Ivanov, the creator of the comedy "For Two Hares". Actors in the Soviet famous film played outstanding. But this article will not talk about them, but about the artists of the project Papernika.

The plot of the Ukrainian musical, of course, severaldiffers from the content of Ivanov's film. But the characteristics of the main characters are preserved. In 2004 the meeting of the performers of the most colorful role took place: M. Krinitsyna, T. Yatsenko and A. Pugacheva. They interpreted the character of M. Staritsky's play at different times either on the screen or on the stage.


Stylist Alexei Chizhov - the main character of the musical "For Two Hares". Actor Galkin, who played the role of an unfortunate barber, played only a few roles in the cinema, the first of them - in "Yeralash".

Chizhov planned to make out of his modesthairdresser's elite beauty salon. To do this, he had to borrow money from the director of the market. The project was not very successful, and therefore the main character increasingly began to hear from the merchant's money lent him the risk of retraining him from the stylist-hairdresser to a market janitor. Chizhov, of course, did not enjoy this prospect. In order to resolve financial problems, he decided to take care of Tonya Koroviak - heiress of the supermarket chain owner.

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Chizhov is a hero, created in the image of SviridPetrovich from the Soviet musical "For two hares." Actor as a hairdresser and an unfortunate businessman is quite comical. Although, of course, his game can not be put on a par with the game of a talented artist Oleg Borisov. Tonya Koroviak is the same Pronya Prokopovna. That is an elderly, not very attractive lady, avid for flattery. Who played in the musical "For Two Hares"?


The protagonist was Maxim Galkin. Prima of the Russian stage performed the role of Tony Korovyak. In the film, there are images that are not in the Soviet film-musical "For Two Hares." Actor Andrei Danilko played a pretty colorful character. He played the role of Anton's maniac, changing his face from time to time and turning into a middle-aged lady.

Other actors of the musical "For Two Hares": Nina Sharolapova, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Anatoly Dyachenko, Alexander Bondarenko, Nikolai Boklan, Olga Sumskaya. Tamara Yatsenko for many years left on the stage of one of the Kiev theaters in the image of Proni Prokopovna. In the musical of 2003, she played the flowers dealer Sonya.

As already mentioned, the actors, who played the main characters, are rarely shot in the movies. What projects are present in the filmography of A. Pugacheva and M. Galkin?

Alla Pugacheva

The singer at the cinema made her debut in 1976. Then Pugacheva played in the episode. Two years later she starred in the film "Woman Who Sings." The actress herself is the prototype of the heroine of this film. Alla Pugacheva was involved in the "Kingdom of Curved Mirrors", "Season of Wonders". In the film "Come and talk" (1985), the singer played herself.

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Maksim Galkin

The main role in the musical "For Twohares, "the acting experience is small.He performed the first role in" Yeralash. "In 2003, Galkin played one of the secondary characters in the film" Bless the Woman, "and in 2006 - the entertainer in the musical film" The First Home ".</ span </ p>

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