Kristen Bell: biography, filmography and interesting facts from his personal life

Kristen Bell is a popular young Hollywoodan actress who gained worldwide fame due to the role of the sarcastic, but charming Veronica Mars. Today the young woman already owns such prestigious prizes as "Saturn" and "Sputnik". And fans, of course, are interested not only in her career, but also in her biographical information and information about her personal life.

Kristen Bell: biography and general information

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The future star was born on July 18, 1980 ina small town Huntington Woods, which is next to Detroit (Michigan). The girl was the only child in the family. Father Tom was the editor of the TV news program. Mother, Laurie Bell, worked as a paramedic. When Kristen was two years old, her parents divorced. Dad soon married again, and the girl had half-sisters - Jody and Sarah.

It is worth noting that from an early age the girl dreamed ofabout the career of an actress. She studied at the school of Barton and received her first role in the theatrical scene at 11 years old - quite successfully played ... a banana and a tree. In her teens, Kristen Bell studied at the Shray Catholic School, where she studied in a music group and regularly took part in the theater group's performances. In particular, she got the role of Dorothy in the production of "The Wizard of Oz".

After graduating from high school, Kristen Bell travels to the fairly famous art school Tish at New York University.

kristen bel filmography

The beginning of the acting career

For the first time Kristen got a role in film in 1998. Her debut was the picture "Polish wedding", where she played the episodic role of a teenage girl. Naturally, this work did not bring her fame, but it helped to gain invaluable experience. In 2001, a young novice actress debuted on Broadway, playing Becky Thatcher in the production of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".

In the future, Kristen Bell moved toLos Angeles, where she continued to work on theatrical stage, from time to time getting small roles in TV shows and films. For example, in 2003 she starred for one of the episodes of the series "Shield", where she played Jessica Hintel. In the same year she received the role of Amy Fielding in "American Dreams". She also starred in one of the episodes of the drama series "The Love of a Widower" (Everwood).

In 2003, the young actress receives the firstthe main role. In the movie "The King and Queen of the Moonlight Bay," she played Alison, a girl who tries to find her own father. And in 2004 she appears on the screen in the role of Gracie - a teenage girl who tries to deprive the mother-addict of parental rights and become the guardian of the two younger brothers.

In 2004, Kristen also played Laura Newton,The abducted daughter of an official in the political thriller "Spartan". In the same year, the young actress appeared in the popular TV series "Deadwood", where Flores Anderson played for two episodes.

"Veronica Mars" series and worldwide fame

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In 2004, the firstepisodes of the teenage TV series "Veronica Mars". Since the first series, the project has become incredibly popular, as well as all of its actors. And in the main role here was shot Kristen Bell. The filmography of the actress was replenished with the role of an intelligent and sarcastic detective girl, who at one point lost her best friend and popularity, turning into a real outcast.

It is this role that has made the world famousKristen Bell. The height, weight and appearance of the actress - everything here played with new colors. After all, on the screen she portrayed a fragile but strong girl who moonlighted in the detective bureau of her father and solved those riddles, the answers to which the entire city police can not find.

The series lasted until 2007, after which the shooting was stopped. For three years the project received a lot of positive feedback from critics, and was repeatedly nominated for prestigious awards.

Kristen Bell: Filmography

Of course, after the success of the series, the actress beganget tempting offers from film studios. In 2006, new pictures appeared, in which Kristen Bell was shot. Her filmography was replenished with projects "50 tablets", where she played Gracie, as well as a fantastic horror film "Pulse". In the same year, the actress worked on the film "Roman".

In 2007, Kristen accepted the offer to workover the TV series "Gossip Girl". The actress was not in the frame, but it was her voice that mysterious gossip. From 2007 to 2009, Kristen starred in the popular series "Heroes", where she got the role of El Bish.

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And then followed by other pictures: "In Flight", "Fans", "The Formula of Love for the Prisoners of Marriage", as well as "This is a divorce!", "Again you" and "Once in Rome."

New projects with her participation

Certainly, actress Kristen Bell continueswork. For example, in 2012 she participated in several projects at once. In particular, she starred for the series "Resident Lie", where she played Jenny van der Hoeven. In the same year, she played Jill in the romantic comedy "Everyone loves whales." She also got the role of Tricia in the comedy film "Stuck in Love."

After the birth of her daughter, the actress continued to work. In 2013 she starred in the films "Rescuer" and "Some Girls". Kristen also voiced the main character Anna in the cartoon "The Cold Heart".

In 2014, the shooting of the full-lengththe film "Veronica Mars", which is the continuation of the series. Interestingly, the money to create this picture was collected from the fans, as the film companies refused to finance.

kristen bel is pregnant

Personal life of actress

On the private life of a young woman is known not so mucha lot of. She met with producer Kevin Mann. The relationship lasted for five years, but the couple broke up. Soon, Kristen Bell began to appear in public with the comedian actor Dax Shepard. And two years later, in 2009, the guy made her an offer. The wedding took place in October 2013.

A few months later, the press appearedinformation that Kristen Bell is pregnant. At the end of March 2013, a star couple had a daughter named Lincoln. Today the young actress is an example of a loving and attentive mother. All the free time she spends with her beloved daughter, and sometimes even takes her with him to the shooting.

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