Misha Marvin: Biography and Creativity

From this material you will find out who is MishaMarvin, his biography will be considered below. We are talking about a young Ukrainian performer, as well as a songwriter. He collaborated with such representatives of show business as Mot, Timati and DJ Kahn. The solo composition of the performer "Hate" became a hit for young people.


misha marvin biography
To describe the biography of Misha Marvin begin withspecification of his age and place of birth. The future performer was born on July 15, 1989 in the territory of the western Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. There the childhood of the future musician and school years passed. Further biography of Misha Marvin is connected with the city of Kiev. He went to the Ukrainian capital, because he decided to connect life with show business.

The young man entered the State Academyleading cadres of culture and arts at the Faculty of Musicology. In the specified period, the future Ukrainian singer Misha Marvin tries his hand at writing lyrics and begins to study music.

As a result, he was invited to a project thatassumed participation in the classic boyz-band. The musicians created hits. According to the artist, they were too simple, but fell into the rotation of radio stations.

Musical career

Ukrainian singer misha marvin
You already know how to start your careerMisha Marvin. His biography as a musician is closely connected with the company Black Star inc. With its general director Pavel Kuryanov, the performer met in 2013. This meeting was the beginning of a long-term cooperation. At first the musician created hits for Mota and Nathan. For example, he wrote the composition "Oxygen". Her Moth performed together with the band VIA Gra.

Then Marvin began to cooperate with Egor Creed,having acted as the co-author of albums of the last. Two years later the musician began to sing himself. The first realized idea of ​​the new artist was the song "Well, what for?". Initially, the author planned to perform the track along with DJ Kan, but Timati, hearing it, decided to join this team.

As a result, a spectacular trio was born. Later, the musician, along with DJ Kahn, recorded the song "Bitch". Then followed the joint work with Motom - the composition "Can it ?!".

In 2016 the world heard the first solo work of the musician - the song "I Hate". A video was shot for this song. This work soon gained fame. On the Internet for two weeks, the video was viewed by over a million people. Now the musician plans to release a solo album.

Personal life

misha marvin personal life
We have already talked about how creativeactivity is led by Misha Marvin. The personal life of the musician will be described later. The performer does not comment on romantic relations in principle. He says this in every interview when such questions arise. The only thing that is known at present: the performer does not have an official marriage.

Now the musician is trying to strengthen the positionits own popularity, for which it works for the benefit of professional growth. He studies acting and choreography, to naturally look at concerts and video clips. In addition, the performer learns the principles of playing the piano. In his opinion, every musician must confidently possess this instrument.

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