The series "Paradise apples." Actors

Today we will talk about the movie "Paradise apples". Actors and roles are presented below. It's about a tape that combines the genre of melodrama, family cinema and social film. The director was Valery Devyatilov. The picture consists of 12 series and was released on screens in 2008.


First, we discuss the plot of the film "Paradise apples." The actors are presented below. The picture is divided into three cycles. Each covers a separate period of life of 3 generations of heroes who live in a small provincial town. The action begins in the sixties and ends in our time. The main character is Carmen. After the death of his parents he lives with Aunt Shura in Abinsk. The girl gets acquainted with the student of Moscow State University Pavel. Between the young people there is a novel. He ends with the departure of the Muscovites' family to their native city.

heavenly apples actors

Key players

Carmen and Pavel Naumov are the main characters in the film "Paradise Apples". Actors Olga Filippova and Alexander Pashkov performed these roles.

Olga Filippova was born in 1977., January 23, in the suburbs. I was trained in a music school, model agency, technical college. After she received a professional acting education. She graduated from the Gnessin Music School. I was on the course with Grigory Gurvich. Played in the theater "Bat". Became the "face" of the company "Sukhoi". She made her debut in the movie, having performed a role in the film "Mixer".

On account of Alexander Pashkov - an actor born in Yekaterinburg, about a hundred roles in the theater and cinema. Leonid Kulagin embodied the image of physician-academician Alexander Naumov - father of Paul.

Other heroes

Sergey Lvovich and Anna Maksimovna - twomemorable image of the film "Paradise apples." The actors A. Scheinin and Nelly Pshennyi performed these roles. Lyudmila Chursina embodied the image of the teacher Maria Vasilyevna.

heavenly apples actors and roles

The wife of Sergei Lvovich named Irina Borisovna andYeremeyeva Alexandra Ivanovna also appear in the plot of the film "Paradise Apples". Actors Natalia Horohorina and L. Gnilova performed these roles. Irina Pomerantseva played Tonya.

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