Captain Smollett - the face of "Hispaniola"

"Treasure Island" - a famous novel by RobertStevenson. One of his main characters is Captain Smollett. The man was remembered by his masculinity, courage, his charisma and original thinking.

Captain Smollett - courageous and honest man

So, more in detail. Captain Smollett is a professional sailor. A man has knowledge not only in navigation, but also in the organization of ship life. He is demanding and dry. The growth of Smollett is six feet. Upon his return to England, the captain leaves the naval service. However, the war is being called again. In 1782 he took part in the battle against Admiral Rodney. It is then that the captain dies. The nucleus hits him right in the chest.

captain smollett

Excellent sailor

Captain Smollett was hired by the squire Trelawney. This character is the complete opposite of the charming, courteous and thoroughly deceitful Silver. Smollett always speaks the truth in his eyes. However, because of this, he himself suffers. One of the goodies. He is a comrade, of course, "not fighting." That is, there is no good shooter. But a great organizer and commander. Always correctly places the fighters in positions. And he charges them muskets. Although in the adaptations of remarkable fighting with cold weapons.

Relations with the team

Captain Smollett is a very interesting person. It applies to all members of the team in absolutely different ways. Silver tries to make friends with Jim. To which Smollett claims that he does not like pets on his ship. Jim, of course, it does not like a drop.

Smollett, as well as Dr. Livesey and the squireTrelawney, recognizes himself an ass, because they all believed that Silver is an amazing person. In general, the characteristic is quite positive, despite the current situation. Nevertheless, Smollett, unlike other members of the team, still makes some clarity in describing the image of Lonely John. He argues that he "would be worth hanging out on the yard."

Captain Amelia Smollett


For such a moderately harsh and moderately jokingmale storytelling with beautifully arranged brawls and battles was perfectly approached by the charismatic Captain Smollett. Characteristics of the character can not help attracting the attention of adventure lovers. The hero is a unique person. And very bright.

In a word, this image is a realfind. Spitting in different directions, a man with an incurable defect of speech in the cartoon could win the hearts of many viewers - adults and children. What are his words just saying: "I do not like this team! Do not like the trip! In general, do not like anything! "," I'm the same ass as you, sir! "," It's getting boring! ", Etc.

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Captain Smollett from the "Treasure Island" - notjust a positive character. He's a gentleman. And, at all "the gentleman of success", as all command of pirates present at the schooner. This is a real man. The same as Squire Trelawney or Dr. Livesey. The jamming of these characters with characters negative, starting from the very first pages of the book and the very first frames of the cartoon, represent a whole series of opposites. Law and robbery, reason and recklessness, calculation and hope for a lucky chance and luck, order and chaos, a stable shore and the exciting elements of the sea, a house and a long journey. Between true gentlemen and gentlemen of luck, a kind of intimacy arises. With all the difference in motives for their actions - this is a visible adventurism.

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Captain Smollett loves the sea. However, in this case the poetry of travel is absolutely unreceptive. Because initially his relationship with Hockins and the squire does not add up. He is a man of duty. "Pet" is an abusive word for him. A man of a sailor does not play. He, in principle, is. The sea for him is very serious. It is for him - work! His completely prosaic and adult mood tells the reader or the viewer about the whole danger of the enterprise for which he is responsible. The image of Smollett in the work is one of the brightest. Although among his eternal concerns, sometimes there are moments of manifestation of childlike carelessness. In general, all that is needed to create a magnificent adventure novel.

This concerns Alexander Smollett - the captain"Hispaniola" from the long-known to each of us cartoon. And books. Nevertheless, today there are also many parodies of the famous "Treasure Island". Not so long ago, for example, a new animated film called "Planet of Treasures" appeared on TV screens. Here spectators can see Captain Amelia Smollett. The pirate girl is Alexander's prototype. In his movements incredibly graceful, but very agile. In swimming - a real professional.

However, both the man and the woman of Smolletta -bright and colorful characters. Observe the manner of their behavior is a complete pleasure. As in the Soviet cartoon, and in modern Disney, Smollett is a real captain. It's not for nothing that he plays such a magnificent and significant role in the work!

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