Lorenzo James Henry: career and personal life

Lorenzo James Henry - Beginner Americanactor. Throughout his acting career, Lorenzo starred in a variety of excellent paintings, including "Star Trek", "Almost Kings", "Fear Walking Dead", "The Seventh Heaven", "Agents" Sh.I.T. "and others. All the films in which he was shot, became hits and had high box office. But the actor still has a long way to go to reach the top.

Lorenzo James Henry


Lorenzo James Henry was born in June 1993 inthe capital of the US state of Arizona, Phoenix. His parents: Linda, talent manager, and James Wilson Henry, producer. Previously worked in real estate. Father Lorenzo Henry has English, German and Swiss roots, and the grandfather and grandmother of the boy (with the name of Finokkyaro) in the past emigrated from Italy. Lorenzo followed in the footsteps of his older brother David Henry (who played Disney in The Wizards of Waverly Place), starting an acting career.

Lorenzo James Henry

After leaving school, Lorenzo James Henryenrolled at the University of California in Northridge. However, after a month of studying, the guy had to quit college, as he began to receive roles in films and on television.

Series and films

Lorenzo James Henry got his first role in the2004. He played a secondary character in one of the episodes of the popular television series "Malcolm in the spotlight." From that moment on, he gradually became a rising star of Hollywood, starring in such TV series as "The Seventh Heaven", "CSI: Crime Scene Miami" and "Detective Rush," finally getting a big role for Chris Manav in the series "Fear the Walking Dead" (prequel " Walking Dead ") in 2015. He entered the main cast of the series and played Chris for the first two seasons. In the third season, which started on June 4, 2017, the character Lorenzo did not appear.

Personal life

Some actors tell everyone about their personal lives, others prefer to keep it a secret. Lorenzo, apparently, refers to the second category.

Lorenzo James Henry Movies

In November 2015, Lorenzo married histhe girl Chiara Anai. The wedding, like the engagement, went without much hype, so fans for a long time did not know about this event. The truth was revealed only when the media managed to expose the secret of the actor's private life. Obviously, his wedding is an ideal example of a "secret marriage".

In addition, Brother Lorenzo, David Henry, published a post in Instagram, in which he wrote: "Happy birthday to this inspirational woman." You made my brother a man. "

A year after the wedding, in October 2016, the couple had a son. The couple called the boy Joseph Henry.

Lorenzo, along with his brother David and their father, also owns a production company.

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