Kistyaeva Marina: Biography and Creativity

Who said that it is impossible to independentlybreak into the major publishers? Kistyaeva Marina with her example confirms that with talent and diligence you can achieve fame and popularity. Virtually all of her novels have positive reviews from readers. They are expected by the female audience and are gaining popularity every day.

Kistyaeva Marina: Biography

There is little known about the author - like mosttalented people, Marina first of all tells about herself in her work, and does not show off her personal life. Marina Kistyaeva was born on November 7, 1983. Now she lives in a small town of Nikolsk, located in the European part of Russia.
For a short period of time, the author succeededBecome a recognizable personality and find your readers. For today on "Samizdat" you can find 18 works of Marina, some of which are at the writing stage.

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Where can I find novels

On "Samizdat" many novels have been published onlyin part, so you'll have to visit other resources to download or purchase the sequel. The most popular and early works can be found in electronic libraries and on portals for novice authors.

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For example, Kistyaeva Marina Anatolyevna posteda large number of their books on the portal "Ghost Worlds", where you can buy a quality electronic copy of the book for little money. If you like standard paper books, then get the "Wolf's Desire", which was published by the publishing house "Exmo". Find this book, as mentioned above, you can in the online store "Labyrinth." If you want to get an author's autograph, then the book will cost you 320 rubles. To do this, you only need to send your request to the email box of Marina Kistyaeva.

In which genre works the author

Kistyaeva Marina is most revered among womenaudience, since most of her books relate to romance novels. Despite the seemingly hackneyed stories, she was able to breathe new life into this genre. For example, the heroes of some of the books were werewolves and vampires. A large number of reviews on the books convinces that despite the presence of fantasy, the novels are interesting and very talented written.

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Especially popular is the series"Sandrovsky", in which for today there are already three books. Kistyaeva Marina used recognizable fantasy heroes, but the intertwining of the plot lines make you wait for the continuation and understand the difficult fates of the heroes. Especially attracted by the unexpected move about the belonging of the main character of the first book to the immortal race. Readers will be interested to watch how she knows herself, the love relationship and the war between vampires and strigoi.

The subsequent works in the series tell aboutlove adventures of other representatives of the Sandrovsky family, which is no less fascinating. The books of Marina Kistyaeva once again remind readers that it's impossible to leave fate. They are filled with a reminder that love arises suddenly and it does not escape from it even with a strong desire.

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