Nina Urgant: biography and creative successes

Urgant Nina Nikolaevna comes from the city of Luga. This small town is located in the Leningrad region. Most of the Baltic population lived there. Nina's father was an Estonian, but he married a Russian very beautiful girl named Maria. And in early September 1929 they had a daughter, Nina Urgant, whose biography began with moving from one place to another, since the father was a military man.

Nina Urgant Biography
The war found them in the Latvian city of Daugavpils,Nina was then 11 years old. In her memory there were always rumbling tanks with black crosses, a crackling of motorcycles, another's speech and a terrible famine. Nina's mother settled herself in a baker's loader and, subjecting herself to mortal danger, secretly brought home a loaf of bread to divide her between three children.

After the war, after receiving a certificate of education,went to Leningrad, the future actress Nina Urgant. Her biography could have developed in different ways, because she applied for admission to several educational institutions. Among them were a pedagogical and polytechnic institute and even a metalwork school, but Nina gave preference to the Ostrovsky Theater Institute, today it is the Academy of Theater Arts in St. Petersburg. The girl successfully graduated from this educational institution and in 1953 began working in the dramatic Volkov Theater in the city of Yaroslavl. There she immediately became the leading lyrical heroine, and a year later she was noticed by Georgi Tovstonogov. It was the head of the Leningrad "Lenkom", he invited a young actress to his theater, she, without hesitation, joined his troupe.

nargantina nikolaevna
A few months later George Tovstonogovdecided that he was not suitable for such an actress as Nina Urgant. Her biography could have gone quite differently, if Tovstonogov had not seen the film "Tamer Tiger". In her novice actress got the role of Olenka - a pretty, but not very smart girl from the corps de ballet of the circus. Georgy Alexandrovich was delighted with her work, he did not dismiss Nina from the theater and even raised her salary.

But this same role in the cinema has served herbad service. Nina Urgant, whose biography as an actress was just beginning, played the role of a negative heroine in this comedy, and in the movies of that time she was simply not seen in the image of the main positive characters. But in the theater Nina was successful, she played the main roles, and at that time many premieres appeared with her participation. This is the play "Good-bye", where she played Galya. And in "Rose Virgin Soil" she had the role of Lushka, in the play "The First Spring" - Lina and so on. In total, she had about 20 roles on her account.

Nina Urgant's husband
In 1962, the actress was invited to Leningradthe Pushkin Theater. There she was given a role in the famous production "Before sunset", and for the next 10 years she played Inken. In this theater, Urgant remained forever. She had more than 30 roles, and all of them invariably enjoyed great success. I must say that in the same year, Nina played her first big role in the cinema. Her heroine was Volodya's mother in the film "Introduction." Then came the picture "I come from childhood", there was the role of Lucy. Then the film "Sons go into battle" and, undoubtedly, the most favorite by the audience of the actress's work is the role of Rai's nurse from the painting "Belarusian Railway Station". On the artist's account there were many "military" roles, and each of them she gave herself entirely.

The actress married three times, all her chosen oneswere actors. The first husband of Nina Urgant is Lev Milinder. From it, she gave birth to Andrei's son, this is her only child. Then she linked her life with Gennady Voropayev and Cyril Laskari. Today, the actress has two grandchildren, one of whom is the famous presenter Ivan Urgant, several great-grandchildren, and she still plays her favorite roles in the Alexandrinsky Theater.

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