Biography of Irina Volodchenko - a beautiful and intelligent girl

The biography of Irina Volodchenko originated inthe city of Svirsk, Irkutsk region. It happened on the fifth of November in 1986. Now the girl is a member of the expert council of the State Duma. But she got fame after the show "Bachelor".

Irina Volodchenko. Biography: Parents

biography irina volodchenko
Mom and Dad Irina are intelligent people. Aleksei Alekseevich has been engaged in forestry for more than 29 years (top manager), and Nadezhda Nikolayevna works as an economist. Irina's grandmother is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

Biography of Irina Volodchenko: education and career

She graduated from the school in 2004, at the same time sheentered the St. Petersburg State University in the department of commercial law. Here she received her education until 2011. However, while still a student, Irina started her career. She received the post of legal adviser gene. director of the Petersburg Oil Terminal. And in 2008 she was already employed by a well-known Lukoil company as a legal consultant.

irina volodchenko biography
But one day Irina realized that she was not happy with what she was saying,how events develop in Russia. And a girl who seemed to have the most place on the podium, went to politics. In 2013 she took the post of EA's adviser. Fedorov (deputy of the State Duma). In June of the same year Irina was included in the list of members of the Expert Council under the Committee on Taxes and Budget of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. And already in August she became the head of the apparatus of such a Parliamentary Club, as "Russian Sovereignty". This is the body that is formed for experts to discuss legislative initiatives, new draft laws, etc.

However, the biography of Irina Volodchenko is closely connected andwith the model business. And all the fault of her participation in the television project "Bachelor". In this show, which you could see on the channel TNT, she became a finalist. TV viewers, like other participants of this project, recognized that Irina is the most beautiful girl among other contenders for a place in the heart of bachelor Eugene Levchenko. However, the young man chose not her, but Olesya Ermakova.

irina volodchenko biography parents
After the project Irina was literally piled upsuggestions to appear in commercials, as well as participate in fashion shows. Such popularity obliges the girl to lead an active social life. At the moment, her profiles can be found in many social networks, and it is worth noting that she is happy to communicate with all of her admirers.

Not so long ago it became known that Volodchenko would beTo conduct a new program on TV, which is devoted to politics. I think that even those who do not care about this topic will see it, because Irina has more than enough fans now. About what channel this project belongs to, not yet reported, but they assure that it will be one of the central ones.

Biography of Irina Volodchenko: personal life

Irina does not cover her personal life. It is known that she has a young man who, according to Volodchenko herself, is not a public person. The main dream of the girl is a loving and strong family, as well as healthy and intelligent children. And she loves cats very much.

And yet all the talk about the fact that a woman can be either smart or beautiful is a complete mistake. Irina Volodchenko's biography is worthy of confirmation.

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