Biography of Irina Bogushevskaya. Creative activity and family life

Irina Bogushevskaya is a talented artist andcharming woman. Her work can not be attributed to a particular genre. In the repertoire of this singer there are compositions in the style of rock, chanson and so on. Are you interested in the biography of Irina Bogushevskaya? Then we recommend that you read the contents of the article.

Biography of Irina Bogushevskaya

Childhood and youth

Biography of Irina Bogushevskaya began on November 2, 1965. Our heroine is a native Muscovite. Her parents have nothing to do with music and the stage.

Ira grew up an active and inquisitive girl. Both in the yard and at school she had many friends. From an early age she was interested in music. She liked to sing and make parodies of popular performers (Alla Pugacheva, Sofia Rotaru and others).


All the friends and relatives of Ira were confident that,that she will enter a theater or music college. But the girl surprised everyone. Bogushevskaya submitted documents to the State Philosophy University. She managed to enroll and become one of the best female students on the course. At the end of the university, she worked for some time as a teacher of philosophy.


Irina started on stage on the 4th year of the university. The blonde was invited to the Student Theater of Moscow State University. Her teacher was E. Slavutin.

Bogushevskaya participated in musical numbers anddramatic performances on the works of world famous authors. With the musical "Blue Nights" the collective, which included Ira, traveled half of Europe.

Singer Irina Bogushevskaya biography

Creative activity

At some point, our heroine decided to leavetheater and seriously engage in music. In 1993, the singer Irina Bogushevskaya took part in the author's song contest. A. Mironov. The professional jury appreciated the performance of the blond beauty. Bogushevskaya won the Grand Prix of this competition.

Between 1990 and 1993, acted with the group "Accident". With the leader of the team, Alexei Kortnev, it was connected not only with work, but also with strong feelings.

In 1993, the singer got into a car accident. The girl remained alive, but her right hand completely paralyzed. Only 2 years later, Ira managed to restore the mobility and sensitivity of the brush.

Our heroine immediately began to develop a creative career. In 1995, her performance-benefit performance "Hall of Expectations" took place. Bogushevskaya left the stage to loud applause and shouting "Bravo!".

For several years Irina worked on thewriting poetry and creating music. In 1998, her debut album, entitled The Book of Songs, was presented to the listeners. This work has made a real sensation in the music circles. Even strict critics admitted that the album was successful. For a beautiful blonde, this served as an incentive for the further development of a musical career.

Biography of Irina Bogushevskaya is very interested in herFans who closely follow the careers of their beloved singer. She released 7 albums, gave hundreds of concerts and starred in several clips. Her work arouses interest among listeners of different generations.

Irina Bogushevskaya biography personal life

Irina Bogushevskaya: biography, personal life

High blonde with a chiseled figure alwayswas popular with the opposite sex. A lot of guys took care of her. However, the beauty did not hurry to respond to them in return. She was waiting for true love.

Irina's personal life was adjusted after her acquaintance withmusician Alexei Kortnev (creator of the group "Accident"). Their relationship has developed rapidly. Lovers got married. In 1988, they had a common child - the son of Artemy. Unfortunately, family happiness did not last long. Alex and Irina divorced, having lived together for several years.

Soon our heroine met a new love. Her heart was subdued by journalist Leonid Golovanov. A few months after his acquaintance, he made a proposal to Ira. The singer agreed. Their wedding was held in one of the best restaurants in the capital. In 2002, the biography of Irina Bogushevskaya was supplemented by another joyful event: her second son appeared. The boy was called Daniel.

With the former husband Alexey Kortnev the singer is on friendly terms. He regularly sees with their common son Artemius, provides moral and material support to the boy.


Now you know where Irina Bogushevskaya, the singer, was born, studied, and how hit the stage. Biography was described in detail in the article. We wish this wonderful performer of creative success and family happiness!

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