What is the ending? Definition of term

In this material, we will describe in detail what the ending is. Different sources provide multiple meanings of this word. Today we will review each of them.


what is the ending
First of all, in order to find out what an ending is,we will turn to the Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary for help. He defines this term as a graphic or ornamental graphic composition that adorns the final part of a text, section or book.

The ending of the work is considered separately. The dictionary treats it as the final component of an integral literary creation. In addition, the ending may be called the ending of a separate part of the work.

Types of endings are very diverse. First of all, it's an epilogue. If it is a fable, it is characterized by morality. In verse, this is a clause. Also this part refers to the code. The latter phenomenon is characteristic of a number of poetic works.


Now consider what an ending based onmodern explanatory dictionary of the Russian language edited by T. F. Efremova. He gives us already familiar values. According to this source, the ending is a drawing or graphic image placed at the end of a section or book. As a second value, this dictionary indicates the final part of any work or composition.


the ending of a work
Also we will try to make sure of the correctnessof the above information, referring to the explanatory dictionary of the Russian language, edited by DN Ushakov. First of all, this source indicates that this word is feminine. As an example of use, this source gives the phrase "an unsuccessful ending of the poem."

Now you know what an ending is. All possible definitions of this word are given above.

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