Victoria Berdnikova: participation in the "House-2" and life after leaving the project

Victoria Berdnikova became a famous personthanks to participation in the reality show "Dom-2" (TNT). Would you like to get acquainted with the history of her stay on the project? Are you interested in her life outside the cells? We are ready to provide the necessary information.

Victoria Berdnikova

Biography of Victoria Berdnikova: childhood and youth

She was born on September 20, 1991 in the Ukrainian city of Krasny Klyuch, in the Luhansk region. Vika was brought up in an intelligent and respected family.

Our heroine attended an ordinary school. She had many friends and girlfriends. The girl participated in amateur competitions and other events. She also practiced sports - aerobics and swimming.

After receiving the certificate, Vika applied to the local college. She managed to enter this institution. For 2 years, she mastered the specialty of an accountant.

Then the beautiful woman gathered her things and went to the Krasnodar Territory. In Anapa, she easily found an art director in one of the modeling agencies. Management appreciated her for her punctuality and hard work.

In 2010, Vika moved to Moscow. From the first attempt Berdnikova entered the university, choosing the faculty of psychology. In her free time from studies, a native of the Lugansk region worked as a manager in a large company.

Victoria Berdnikova: "House-2"

In February 2011, a burning brunette appeared onthe famous teleproject. A tiny girl with a sports figure liked many guys. But our heroine expressed sympathy for Tigran Salibekov. The young man did not reciprocate. After all, he was in a pair with Yulia Salibekova.

At different times Vika liked the following participants"Houses-2": Zhenya Kuzin, Samsonov Alexei and Sergey Ermakov. None of them Berdnikova could not create a pair. Brunette increasingly quarreled and even fought with the girls. In May 2011, most members of the team voted against it. Our heroine went home, and did not build love.

Second Parish

Victoria Berdnikova again appeared on the setsite "House-2" in September 2014. This time the object of her sympathy was the former hockey player Ilya Grigorenko. The young man refused to create a pair with her. For a while Vika lived in the women's bedroom as a solitary.

Victoria Berdnikova house 2

Everything changed after the project participantbecame handsome Oleg Panov. Their relationship with Victoria was rapidly developing. Flowers, courtship, kisses - everything was like a fairy tale. But the relationship of the guys quickly ended. A "fat point" was a terrible fight, during which Oleg broke the girl's nose. Panov was sent the same day for the gate.

Our heroine continued to wait for her prince at the "House-2". And in April 2015, she unexpectedly announced her departure. The brunette informed all participants and the presenter that she had met the man of her dreams.


For several years, Viktoria Berdnikova has been living in a civil marriage with Leonid Plaschinsky, to whom she left the teleproject "Dom-2". Their relationship can not be called ideal.

In June 2015, the girl appeared in the program"Live" ("Russia-1"), where she told the whole country about the beating and mockery of Leni. The man entered the studio with a luxurious bouquet of flowers. He asked Vika for forgiveness and begged to return. And to the audience he said that his bride exaggerates everything. On that day, the ex-participant of "Doma-2" did not want to hear about the resumption of relations with Leonid. However, after a couple of months they again began to live under one roof.

Biography of Victoria Berdnikova

In the summer of 2016 it became known thatVictoria Berdnikova is waiting for the child. He and Leonid realized their past mistakes, but now they are very happy. In September, the girl announced the sex of the baby, who is in the tummy. They have a son with a beloved man, whom they will call Leo.

Vika does not intend to stay long in the "decree". She plans to open her own beauty salon, and in the future - an entire network. Let's wish her family well-being!

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