"Octopus 4" - actors and plot of the film

Today we will talk about the movie "Octopus 4". Actors and roles are presented below. Speech about the tape, which consists of 12 series and combines the genres of the criminal film, drama and detective. The director was Luigi Perelli.


octopus 4 actors
We will discuss the plot of the film "Sprut 4". The actors are presented below. The action takes place in Milan in 1988-1989. Several years passed after the break of Julia Antinari and Corrado. The first one from the accident died. Commissioner Cattani lives under guard and works in the police. A new investigation confronts him with Tano Carridi - the old enemy, the predecessor of Antinari. Cattani tries to solve the murder of the casino owner. At this point, Carridi is trying to gain control of the bank. And besides, he wants to get rid of Cattani. Once and for all.

Key players

Police Commissioner Corrado Cattani and Sylvia Conti are the main characters in the film "Sprut 4". Actors M. Placido and Patricia Millarde performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Michele Placido is an Italian film actor, producer,producer. Was born in 1946, on May, 19th. His family was poor. He studied at the school that operates under the monastery. I joined the army. From there he was sent to the police service. From childhood I wanted to become an actor. He studied at the Experimental Film Center in Rome. Educated at the Academy of Acting. He began to perform in the theater. The first role in the cinema was performed in the painting "The Case of Pishot". He recommended himself as a serious and thinking actor in the tape Ernesto directed by Salvatore Samperi. For the performance of the role in this picture was awarded a prize in the ICF, which was held in western Berlin.

Patricia Millarde is a French actress. Born in 1959, on March 24, in Biarritz. In 21, she made her debut in the cinema. Was shot in the US, Germany, Italy, France. I played in TV movies and movies.

Remo Girone embodies the image of a businessman and a bankerTano Cariddy. This actor was born in 1948, on August 20, in Asmara. He was a student at the Institute of Economics and Trade. He moved to Rome. Economic education did not continue. He gave preference to the Academy of Dramatic Art. He made his debut in the movie in the tape of Miklos Giankso. The same director directed the "Seagull" with the participation of the actor in the image of Konstantin Treplev. I received an invitation to participate in the film "Corleone" from Pasquale Scuytieri.

Other heroes

octopus 4 actors and roles
Esther Razi and Travi are two memorable characters in the movie "Octopus 4". Actors Simon Cavallari and Alberto Gimignani performed these roles. Marcello Tusco appears in the picture as Puparo.

The brother of Bernardo and Antonio Espinoza also appear in the plot of the film "Sprut 4". Actors Nicola DiPinto and Bruno Kremer performed these roles. Luigi DiBerti appears in the narrative as Salimbeni.

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