Lenkom Theater: Hall layout

The Lenkom Theater is a beautiful example of a dramaticTheater with a magnificent repertoire, legendary artistic director and promising actors. Here they will find what to see and a fan of classical literature, and hipster, and the layout of the Lenkom hall has a pleasant viewing and immersion in the world of art.

The legendary drama theater Lenkom

The repertoire of the theater is quite classical, butentertaining and for every taste. A new vision of Ken Kesey's novel "Above the Cuckoo's Nest" is worthy of the attention of the modern critical viewer. Lovers and keepers of traditions will appreciate the play "Cherry Orchard" based on the play of Anton Chekhov. "Juno and Avos", "Per Gynt", "Marriage" will appeal to both small and adult audiences. In other words, everyone will find the show to their liking.

Lenkom Theater Hall Moscow

Scheme of the Lenkom Theater Hall in Moscow

The location of the seats in the theater is veryprosaically, unlike his repertoire. The hall is divided into 2 parts vertically: the right and left and to 3 parts horizontally: the stalls, the amphitheater and the mezzanine. The layout of the Lenkoma hall is a regular rectangle with three entrances. On the left side there are more places, they are more hectic, but on the right there are more passes and exits. The layout of the Lenkom hall shows that in the stalls on the right side there are only 10 rows of 12 seats, separated by a single passage. In the stalls on the left side 14 rows of 12 seats in each. In the amphitheater on both sides of 8 rows of 11 seats. The loft is quite small, but cozy and not high.

Scheme of Lenkom Hall

The layout of the Lenkom hall is designed in such a way,so that each place has a beautiful view of the stage. Actors and scenery can be clearly seen both from the stalls and from the amphitheater. Height lovers should get a pair of binoculars if they want to see the faces and facial expressions of the actors.

Lenkom Theater is a wonderful cultural place, which is enjoyed by both residents and guests of the capital. You are waiting for wonderful performances. Come and see for yourself!

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