Characters and actors of the movie "Mad Max: The Road of Fury"

In May 2015, director George Miller finallypresented the viewer the fourth film of the famous franchise about Max Rokatanski. Continuation of his adventures came on the screen 30 years after the third part was shown.

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The picture was welcomed by critics andis awarded with many awards. Among them there are six Oscar awards. The protagonist and laws of the post-apocalyptic world have remained the same, and the actors of the movie "Mad Max" who performed the leading characters for obvious reasons have changed.

Tom Hardy

The role of Max Rokatanski in the fourth filmwent to the British actor Tom Hardy. To our viewer, he is well acquainted with the role of Eames in the film "The Beginning". Also, the actor could be remembered in the image of Bane - the irreconcilable enemy of Batman in the movie "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend".

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In the film "Survivor" he performs one of theleading and controversial roles - hunter John Fitzgerald. According to Tom Hardy, Max's role was not easy for him. After all, the actors of the film "Mad Max" who played the main roles for a long time already associate the viewer with this story.

Mel Gibson

Recall that in the previous three filmsthe famous franchise, the role of the main character Max Rokatanski performed the inimitable Mel Gibson. According to the director, participation in the filming of the beloved actor did not give the franchise further development. A story about the aging Max would come out. Therefore, Tom Hardy's fears were in vain. His work was highly appreciated by critics.

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And another image of the hero turned out to be very organic,as the story got a new turn. The fact that the director George Miller planned to finish the story of the glorious warrior of the road movie "Mad Max 3: Under the dome of thunder." The idea of ​​new adventures Rokatanski has matured for 30 years. The conditions of the game in the insane world have changed, the main character has evolved. Now he will have to fight for mankind as a whole, and not just for food and fuel resources.

Charlize Theron

Famous Charlize Theron played the role of militarychief of the Citadel of the Settlement of Underground Waters, Furiosy. Her heroine does not need protection? in contrast to the characters shown in the previous pictures of the franchise "Mad Max". The film, the actors and heroes of which they play, continue the sad story of the world that has degenerated after endless wars for fuel resources. But there is hope.

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The mission of Furiosa is the delivery of young womenfrom the harem of the dictator of the citadel of Undying Joe to the free "Green Lands" to found a new community. Max by virtue of circumstances becomes a participant in this task. Hiding from the pursuers and participating in battles, the heroes manage to carry out the plan, but not as planned. Talented and Oscar-winning Charlize Theron is familiar to our viewers on many films, including: "Monster", "The Wife of the Astronaut", "Devil's Advocate", "Mighty Joe Young", "Eon Flax", "Sweet November".

Nicholas Holt

The role of Nax, a follower of Undying Joe,sent to kill the rebellious Furios, and then became her faithful ally, was played by the English actor Nicholas Holt. Like other actors in the film "Mad Max", it has a rather interesting appearance and decoration. I must say that for the work of costumers and make-up artists, the film received one of six honestly honored "Oscar" awards.

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The role in this film is not the first actor's work,which was highly appreciated by critics and the public. This young but already popular actor is well remembered by the main male role in the films "Jack the conqueror of giants", "The heat of our bodies", "Equal". Also, the audience is known for his work in the new version of the superhero trilogy "The X-Men", where he played the mutant Hank McCoy nicknamed the Beast.

The film "Mad Max": actors, roles

The role of the main villain - Colonel Joe Moore,known as Undying Joe, was performed by Australian actor and director Hugh Kiyas-Bern. This is not his first work in the famous movie. In 1979, he was already busy in the movie "Mad Max". Hugh then played the Ripper of the ringleader of the gang of bikers.

film mad max cast actors

In the role of the lovely Ankhart, one of the dictator's wivesThe undying Joe, starred the famous supermodel Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley. Fans of the popular franchise about transformers, she is known for the main female role in the third part of the picture "The Dark Side of the Moon".

In conclusion, I would like to wish everyone a pleasant viewing experience and enjoy tricks, special effects, plot and characters, which were brilliantly performed by the actors of the movie "Mad Max: The Road of Fury".

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