Member of the show Stand Up Dmitry Romanov: biography, creativity and personal life

Our hero today is bright and cheerfula young man, a regular participant in the transfer of Stand Up Dmitry Romanov. Do you know where he was born? How did you get on television? Does it consist in a legal marriage? If not, the necessary information can be found in the article.

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Dmitry Romanov (Stand Up): biography, childhood and youth

He was born on January 8, 1985 in the famous Ukrainian city of Odessa. By nationality our hero is a Jew.

From an early age the boy demonstrated an excellentsense of humor. All his neighbors and neighbors laughed at his jokes and amusing stories. At school, Dima studied well. He attended a circle of drawing, as well as aircraft modeling.

After graduating from high school, the guy submitted documents to the Academy of Food Technology, having chosen the specialty "mechanical engineer". Dima was admitted to the university.

Humorous career

Active and happy young man already in the second year was admitted to the student team of KVN. Many rooms were received by the audience perfectly. And all thanks to the artistry of Dima Romanov.

Soon the guy was invited to the "Republic Shkid" team, which got an opportunity to perform on the main stage of the KVN and stand next to Alexander Maslyakov.

After receiving the diploma, Dima did not work onobtained specialty. He started developing his humorous career. Our hero spoke on local radio and television. Later Dmitry participated in such projects as "Comedy Odessa" and "Comedy Kiev".

In 2010, the guy moved to Moscow, where he was offered a good job. He was a writer and author of jokes. But at some point the humorist-odessite wanted to perform on stage himself.

Since 2012, our hero is a constantparticipant of the show Stand Up. Dmitry Romanov does not cease to please spectators with sparkling numbers. He in a joking manner talks about Jews, relationships with his girlfriend, the conditions of modern life, embarrassing situations and much more.

Personal life

Many fans want to find out if the resident of Stand Up is Dmitry Romanov. Let's take a closer look at his personal life.

Even in high school Dima fell in love with a girl who was a year younger. He showed her signs of attention. But the feelings remained unrequited.

In 2010 in Moscow, a humorist got acquainted with thecharming blonde Christina Talyzina. The girl came to the capital from Krasnoyarsk. She graduated from the Siberian Aerospace University (financial and economic department). Romanov did everything to achieve its location.

Dmitry novels stand up biography

For several years the couple was in a civil marriage.And in June 2015, lovers played a wedding. Dima and Christina signed in Kutuzovsky registry office, then went to celebrate the celebration in one of the capital's restaurants. In the near future, the couple are going to have a baby.


We reported on where the resident of the Stand Up Dmitry Romanov was born, educated and with whom the resident lives. We wish him development in creativity and prosperity in the family!

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