The cultural center of the south of Russia is Rostov. Circus of the city as part of Russian circus art

The circus (Rostov-on-Don) exists from the middle of the 20th century. On its arena there are talented artists with the most complex numbers and trained animals.

Briefly about the circus

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Opened in 1957, the State Circus. Rostov-on-Don - a city in which at that time was one of the best and most beautiful circuses in Europe. He was located in a very beautiful building and was well equipped in technical terms.

Its location is luxurious both outside and inside,more like a theater. The auditorium is large. The diameter of the arena is thirteen meters. The height of the dome is eighteen meters. The arch is built of monolithic reinforced concrete and has double curvature. The powerful grates, located in the center of the dome in the amount of 152 pcs, are capable of each supporting a load of 250 kilograms. The hall is beautiful acoustics.

The back part of the circus is a buildingin five floors, which could accommodate 80 apartments. There are make-up rooms for artists, a recreation room, a museum, a dining room, a large rehearsal room, a medical center and showers. In the same room is its own electrical substation. For animals there are five large boxes.

Took in his arena famous artistsRostov. The circus remembers such names as Grigory Kashcheev, I. Zaikin, Yankovsky (Ursus), Ivan Poddubny, Semipapiy, I. Shemyakin, Lurikh, Giant Pronya, Zbyshko-Tsyganevich, Abasov, F. Mikhailov, Buslaevy, Durov, Vyacheslav Chernievsky, Volzhansky , Yuri Merdenov, Zapashnye, clown Pencil, Kio, Vladimir Doveiko, Filatov, Oleg Popov, Kornilov, Tamerlan Nugzarov, and many other masters of circus art.

Today, the Rostov Circus performs unique tricks, searches for and educates young cadres, and devises new numbers. He has a huge creative potential, and he can do any job.


Circus Rostov on Don

Do not forget that the cultural center of the south of Russia is Rostov. The circus has several remarkable show programs in its repertoire.

Among them:

  • "Visiting a fairy tale";
  • "This Soviet Circus";
  • "Dreams of Scheherazade";
  • "A new attraction on the water";
  • "Zodiacs" and others.

Today in the arena

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This season offers viewers a new show program Rostov. The circus showed it to the premiere on April 30. A new show called "The Circus of Beasts" is being announced.

The first issue is called "Arrival of artists to the city"is a prologue parade of those who will take part in the program. The show is full of numbers performed under the circus dome. Among them, the balancer on the matte-ladder Elena Belousova, a group of gymnasts "Action".

Also in the program take part rope-walkerswith their unique numbers. The father and son of Karlagina combine step and hand-balancing in their performance. Acrobats represent the most complicated tricks. Jugglers Smirnov show the number with maces. They demonstrate extreme accuracy and synchrony. The spectators are fascinated by their juggling in utter darkness. Luminous maces and hoops fly in the air as if by themselves, writing out bizarre patterns.

The show is attended by a large numberanimals. Trained bears, cats, leopards, dogs, monkeys, parrots, pythons, etc. represents in the arena of Rostov. The circus (the price of tickets for this show program is from 500 rubles) is worth visiting for both children and adults. It will be interesting for everyone.


circus rostov reviews

Since 2015 he lives under the direction of director D. Reznichenko in the city of Rostov circus. Dmitry is a graduate of DSTU. In addition, he studied in several other Russian and foreign higher education institutions. Prior to his appointment as director of the circus, D. Reznichenko was the head of the concert agency.

Dmitry plans to repair the circuspremises. The competition from the reconstruction projects was won by an organization from St. Petersburg. Material resources for repairs will be allocated from the federal budget. The cost of repairs is estimated at 43 million rubles.


Circus (Rostov) reviews from the public receivesvarious. Most viewers write that the programs here are magnificent, interesting and bright. Artists, in their opinion, perform brilliantly and at a very high professional level. Their bright and sophisticated rooms are breathtaking. Lovely costumes please the eye. The show always sounds great music. Fans of the circus advise everyone to visit it.

But there are also opposite opinions. Some viewers write that they were disappointed by the program. Are dissatisfied with how the staff refers to the public. In cash they can get naughty. The building needs repair. The foyer is dark and dark. There's a bad sound in the room.

But, despite all the reviews, it's worth to visit the circus and make up your mind.

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