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Few of today's viewers are familiar withbiography and creativity of the remarkable Soviet actress of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the RSFSR - Elena Izmailova. She possessed extraordinary beauty combined with wit, which gave her image a kind of riddle, uniqueness.

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In the post-war years, manyfilms dedicated to the struggle of Soviet people with fascist invaders. Most of them are now forgotten. But the role of Lisa, played by Elena Izmailova in the film "It was in the Donbass", fell in love with millions of spectators. This heroine, like other characters of the film, personifies dedication, courage, patriotism - all that Soviet youth had during the war years.

Elena Izmailova - one of the most striking actresses of the forties. The audience was in love with her from the first frame thanks to an open smile, an unusual charm. This artist literally fascinated.

early years

Izmailova Elena Davydovna was born in an uneasytime. The future actress was born in 1920. Her hometown was Dnepropetrovsk. Father - David Mironovich Turk - took part in hostilities. Mother had German roots. Once this woman came to a cold snowy Russia and got a job as a governess. It was back in tsarist times. Soon a young German woman married a local boyfriend, and a few years later the revolution broke out.

In 1923 the family moved to live in Rostov. And then - to the capital. Elena was not even eighteen when her life was grieved - her father was arrested. David Turok was sentenced to five years. It was 1938. At that time no one was insured from the infamous 58th article. Father was released in 1956. By this time, her daughter changed her name. Elena Izmailova by 1956 played thirteen heroines in the cinema. A girl with the name Turk could hardly become an actress.

Izmailova Elena Davydovna

During the war

In 1928, the heroine of this article entered theMoscow school. And after ten years she was enrolled in the students of the Theater School. Shchukin. But in the third year of study had to be interrupted. The war began. It is noteworthy that it was in the first year of the Great Patriotic War that the actress debuted at the cinema.

Izmaylova left with the film studio in Ashgabat, whereafter she and her family moved. In 1943, employees of the Vakhtangov Theater called Elena Davydovna. She returned to Moscow, where she played her starring roles.

"Battle cassette №?"

This was the name of the film in which Elena Izmailovaplayed her first role. The picture was released in 1941. The actors, who played the main characters, became famous. Soviet propaganda had to work without interruption even in the first years of the war. People needed support more than ever. It was necessary to raise the patriotic spirit of Soviet citizens, which faded with every report of the retreat of the Red Army. From the role of self-sacrificing partisans began film career Izmailova.

Elena is an Izmailova actress

Personal life

Elena Izmailova was married three times. The first spouse was the actor and director Rostislav Ivitsky, from whom the actress in 1942 gave birth to Denis's son. The marriage did not last long, as the husband worked at a Ukrainian film studio and did not want to move to Moscow.

The second actor became famous actor - VladimirEtush. But this marriage did not last long. The last marriage was also concluded with a man connected with the world of cinema, Nikolai Timofeev. In 1952 they had a daughter.

Last years

Elena Izmailova is an actress who played in the theater andcinema more than fifty roles. In addition, she taught acting skills in GITIS, engaged in concert activities, and actively participated in literary projects.

By nature, Elena Izmailova was lively, sociable. She cooked wonderfully, she was a wonderful hostess. Friends respected and loved always affable, radiant Helen.

Last years the actress has spent in a specialboarding house, designed for the elderly figures of cinema art. Elena Davydovna Izmaylova passed away in 2005. She was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery.

Izmailova Elena


The films, in which Izmailov took part, includes about twenty works, among which the most popular were White Fang, Cinderella, and Tropinins.

True fame came to her after sheperformed in the "Fifteen-year-old captain" the role of Mrs. Whedon. One of Izmailova's striking works is the role of the Soviet radio operator in the film "The Scout's Feat".

Other films featuring legends of Soviet cinema:

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