"Palm Sunday": the actors of the series

Domestic series has absorbed severalIt's not just a story about the 70s that has grown into the beginning of modern Russia, but a story about the hard, truly dramatic fate of the main characters that are at the epicenter of political and social passions. This is all about the 8-episode film "Palm Sunday". The actors and success of the series will be the topic of this article.

Palm Sunday actors

Maximum reliability

According to the director Anton Sivers,Throughout the film, there are clearly visible changes in the life of the main characters and the country as a whole - its way of life, public opinion and philosophy, which occupy no less important position. For Oksana Lepina, ballet is not just a favorite pastime, but a background on which key events unfold in her life and the lives of people close to her. All the narration turned into a psychological drama, subtle and, as the audience noted, incredibly deep, what became "Palm Sunday". The actors of the series perfectly coped with the tasks assigned to them. They all played different, but familiar characters in the last decades of the last century, in which many critics found a reliable reflection of history.

The history of a disadvantaged girl will not leave anyone indifferent

The main character, around which the plot is built,is prescribed exclusively by a luminous person, to which, probably, the authors put an accent. Stories of deprived people often became the key narrative of many films. The fate of a simple girl could not help but interest the audience of the series "Palm Sunday". The actors played very well. In particular, the performer of the main role Svetlana Ivanova excellently conveyed the true tragedy of the broken life of Oksana Lepina, which captivated the audience hearts. Judge for yourself: not having their own homes, Oksana lives in a rented apartment, generously provided by her mentor and teacher, Pavel Golovina. The girl herself is a budding ballerina, in which the grandson of the state official, Arthur Nikitin, falls in love. After receiving a refusal, the guy rapes Lepin, and then persuades his comrades Margo and Alexei to give false testimonies to Oksana to go to jail. In return, they receive state awards and titles. And Oksana, having given birth in the prison daughter, named after the name of Pavla, dies during childbirth. After growing up, Pavel shoots a documentary about his mother, at the same time meeting those who once caused so much pain ...

Palm Sunday actors and roles

"Palm Sunday": the actors of the main roles

Oksana Lepin was played by Svetlana Ivanova,almost her age, which did not create additional difficulties for the actress in the issue of getting into the role. On the contrary, according to Ivanova, this image she considers to be the most powerful and dramatic of all that she played before. For the native of Moscow, the actress's career began with the series "The Godfather", in which Svetlana appeared when she was 18 years old. The first audience recognition came with the release of the military painting "Franz + Polina", awarded awards at many film festivals. Then followed the series "And yet I love," which finally cemented Ivanova's status as a modern dramatic actress. Among Svetlana's most famous works are tapes "The House of the Sun", "The Dark World in 3D", "August. Eighth ". In 2014, she especially remembered the role of obstetrician-gynecologist in the series "Pregnancy Test."

Arthur Nikitin, the main antagonist of the series,grandson of a member of the Politburo, who in the 1990s becomes an oligarch and meets the daughter of the main character, was played by Dmitry Dyuzhev. This artist in the view does not need - the glory came after the famous "Brigade", where he blended into the four friends. In 2005, followed by another criminal story - "Blind Man". Dyuzhev skillfully reincarnates in Job's father in "Ostrov", a former police officer in the "High-security Vacation" and the first-ever pregnant man in the comedy of the same name. At the moment Dmitry remains a popular actor.

"Palm Sunday": actors and roles secondary

The series that carries the viewer in different erasSoviet and Russian life, includes many diverse characters. Each of them contributes to the overall story of the main character's life. Among the secondary actors and the characters they have played, there are:

  1. Margot (Ekaterina Guseva). Previously, she was a friend of Oksana Lepina. After the betrayal, with the help of Arthur Nikitin, she seriously progressed through the ranks, becoming a Duma deputy and a deserved artist of Russia.
  2. Pavel (Ekaterina Vilkova). Oksana's daughter, a reporter, decided to shoot a film about her mother.
  3. Duska (Irina Rozanova). Sokamernitsa and a new girlfriend of Oksana, later - adoptive mother of Pavla.
  4. Alexey (Yuri Baturin). The dancer, who has made a hand to get rid of Oksana along with Margot and Arthur.
  5. Gennady Nikitin (Oleg Basilashvili). Member of the Politburo, Arthur's grandfather, who is trying to protect him.
  6. Gennady Nikitin (Leonid Bichevin). The second son of Arthur, brother of Nikita.

Palm Sunday series

In search of truth

Made by talented people, this serieslooks with interest because the creators tried in many ways to recall the history of our country: political parties, the simple life of the Soviet people and creative people, their own concerns related to the profession and the impact on their destinies of state officials. The search for truth, which is the final chord, is forced to seek answers as far as one's own views and beliefs are concerned. Exceptionally good impressions left "Palm Sunday". The series, whose actors captured the attention of spectators with brilliant images, became the best project of 2009, "flown" in one breath.

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