Cinema "Mir Luxor", Cheboksary, invites film lovers

Cheboksary - a beautiful city with a massattractions, places of interest, entertainment. One of those is the cinema Mir Luxor. Fans of films are happy to visit this magnificent institution.

"World of Luxor" - a cinema with a history

The history of the institution is really impressive. The future "World of Luxor" Cheboksary saw in the middle of the last century. The cinema, erected in the very center of the city, was called previously "Mir" according to a project developed in the 1950s.

In 1999 the building was reconstructed, technically re-equipped, and now in a new format appeared "Mir Luxor" - an entertaining institution of the highest class.

World Luxor Cheboksary
A cinema opened in a rather difficult time forcities. Then the films were shown only on the big screen in Moscow. Well, today "Mir Luxor" is one of the best cinemas equipped with Dolby Digital Surround-EX. By the way, it was here that the first digital equipment was installed in the republic.

The cinema offers a lot of entertainment

A lot of sights are in the cityCheboksary. Cinema "Mir Luxor" is one of them. Here you can not only enjoy viewing new products in 3D format, but also relax in the bar and cafe "Hollywood", where you can taste great dishes of Japanese and European cuisine. Visitors very well speak about this cafe.

In addition, regulara variety of events: as premieres on the big screen and closed parties for movie lovers, and festivals, all kinds of events with lots of big prizes from Mir Luxor (Cheboksary). The organizers pleased the winners with a car, a voucher to Spain, and a wide variety of home appliances. In short, the management of the cinema cares about its visitors.

Cheboksary Cinema World of Luxor

Cozy modern cinema halls

To date, cinemas Cheboksaryoffer fans of the big screen a lot of various amenities. However, there are no such cozy rooms, as in "Mir Luxor", in none of them. The modern author's style of two cinemas simply amazes visitors with carefully thought out design. They are equipped with comfortable armchairs of the most famous companies: Sitting Concert in a large hall and Lino Sonego in a small one. Each chair is equipped with special pendants for Pepsi and popcorn.

world of Luxor cinema
In addition, in the lobby you can buy other beverages, chips, crackers, allowed in cinemas. Well and in a bar after a session it is possible to order any cocktail, beer, coffee, ice cream or a dessert.

Magnificent repertoire, reasonable prices

Most visitors really like "The WorldLuxor "(Cheboksary). The cinema is happy to open its doors to both adults and children. The repertoire of films and animations is perfectly matched (by the way, it can be found at any time by calling the institution on the phone).

Money for these sessions is not a pity. However, the prices are quite affordable. Well, in the daytime or in the morning the movie is cheaper than the evening one. You can book your favorite place by calling.

Advantages and disadvantages

In Cheboksary there are many places for loversfilms on the big screen: "Kino-cascade", "Three penguins", "Volzhsky" cinema. Cheboksary are happy to present to their guests and residents a wide variety of places for pleasant pastime while watching new products. However, "World of Luxor" can not be compared with anything. Advantages just a lot.

For example, in a large hall there is a special VIP zone with a cozy double sofa in the center of the hall. By the way, here is the best review and sound.

The small hall is distinguished by ideal seats in the most distant rows. In these places it's not too noisy, and the screen review is simply gorgeous. Tickets at the entrances of each of the halls are very friendly and polite.

One of the main advantages is alsocafe-bar "Hollywood". Here everyone can book a table at any time by phone. The administrator will always tell his customers at what time this or that table is free. Here you can buy sushi, salads, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Volga cinema Cheboksary
The minus is, perhaps, that the cabins in thelatrines are not enough. Accordingly, after watching the movie, visitors to the Mir Luxor cinema can feel some inconvenience in connection with the queues. However, this deficiency is probably the only one.

Convenient location

In a word, there are more advantages thanhas "World of Luxor" (Cheboksary). By the way, it pleases its guests not only with the opportunity of pleasant pastime, but also with a convenient location in the very center of the city. Accordingly, to get there for fans of the big screen will not be difficult.

The busiest place in Cheboksary is Lenina Street,so in the "World of Luxor" is a lot of visitors. This area is very convenient and modern. Well, next to the cinema is also a lot of various shops.

cinemas Cheboksary

Courteous staff - pleasant pastime

The staff of the cinema is very friendly. This applies to the ticket-takers, waiters, and employees who give guests the opportunity to even sit down in the lobby on cozy couches, using laptops in the Wi-Fi zone or communicating with their friends. Here, or in the sushi bar, visitors can continue the entertainment program after watching the movie. A small bar for children will appeal to lovers of family recreation.

By the way, employees of the halls escort visitorscinema directly to their places indicated in the ticket. Therefore, coming to the session, everyone is there, where it is supposed to be. This is strictly monitored here, so conflicts between movie lovers are excluded.

Thus, "Mir Luxor" is an excellent cinema,conveniently located in the heart of Cheboksary, cozy, with friendly staff. That's why lovers of films with great pleasure regularly come here.

The chic rooms, equipped with comfortable chairs,modern sound systems, film projectors and sound equipment, can not help but attract those who like to watch movies on the big screen in good quality. A cozy foyer with soft light and a variety of different drinks and snacks also does not leave its visitors indifferent.

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