"Spiderman: Returning Home": Actors and Roles

A new restart of the films about Spiderman hada stunning success. A fresh and unusual look at the main character, witty teenage humor, colorful characters - all this was to the liking of many viewers. In addition, the actors of the new movie "Spider-Man Returning Home" did a great job on their heroes, which is also worthy of praise. It is about them that will be discussed in this article.

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The plot of the picture

Before talking about the actors in the movie "Spider-Man Returning Home" and the characters they performed, it's worth mentioning the plot of this blockbuster.

In the center of the narrative is Peter Parker -an ordinary schoolboy from New York, who in his free time studies engaged in heroism in the role of Spider-Man. Two months ago, he fought side by side with the Avengers - a famous superhero team. After Spider has visited among the popular heroes, he again had to return to the gray and dull workdays.

Now Peter lives with his aunt Mae, he's friendswith classmate Ned and goes to school for young geniuses. He looks after Peter the Iron Man himself, who created for him a new high-tech suit. The main character tries to get used to his old life, but he does not succeed. The guy overwhelmed his desire to declare himself and prove to the whole world that he is capable of great things. His dream is to become a permanent member of the Avengers team and together with them to save the world from dangers.

And suddenly he has a chance to show himselfall the glory: the city is declaring a villain Vulture, which deals with the trade in weapons, created on the basis of extraterrestrial alien technology Chitauri. Despite the fact that this insidious type does not set itself the goal of capturing the world or destroying humanity, it is still a very dangerous opponent for the protagonist. All the evil deeds Vulture performs for the sake of his family, so he will be ready to destroy anyone who will stand in his way. This is the story of the film "Spider-Man: Returning Home."

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Actors have nothing to do with the previous paintings. These are updated versions of the characters and a completely different story.

"Spiderman: Returning Home": actors and roles

A new restart can boast of a goodcasting. As mentioned earlier, the cast of Spider-Man Returning Home made a significant contribution to the success of the rebut. This applies both to the performers of the central roles, and to those who played secondary characters. A little lower you will see a list of actors from "Spider-Man Returning Home", who played the main characters.

Main character

  • Tom Holland is Peter Parker, who is also Spiderman. A few months ago he was bitten by a genetically modified spider, which gave him amazing superpowers. After experiencing a personal tragedy, the culprit of which he himself is, Peter Parker began to use his strength to help ordinary citizens. Unlike the other cast members of the movie Spider-Man Returning Home, which became part of the Marvel-only movie after this film, Thomas's debut as a stenolaz took place a little earlier, in the action movie The First Avenger Confrontation, released a year earlier.

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Environment of St. Petersburg

  • Jacob Batalon - Ned Leeds. Ned is a faithful friend of Peter, who studies with him in the same class. He tries in every possible way to help Parker in his superhero activities.
  • Laura Harrier - Liz. Peter is studying with her in one school and secretly in love with her. He tries in every possible way to impress her, but this is not always obtained because of his spider secret.
  • Tony Revolori - Flash Thompson. Flash is Parker's classmate, who is far behind him intellectually. Thompson envies Peter and all the time trying to humiliate him in front of others.
  • Zendai Coleman - Michelle Jones. The heroine of Zendai studies with Peter in one class. She is a rather strange and alienated girl who practically does not communicate with anyone and is openly over many people.
  • Robert Downey Jr. - Tony Stark, he's also an Iron Man. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and mentor of Spider-Man, who often has to help him out of trouble.
  • Marisa Tomei - May Parker. Marisa Tomei played the loving aunt of Peter Parker. She is trying to recover after the recent tragedy that happened in their family. Like the movie actor Spider-Man Returning Home Thomas Holland, Aunt May made her debut at the KVM in the film "The First Avenger." Confrontation. "

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  • Michael Keaton - Adrian Tooms, he's a vulture. Previously, the central villain was an ordinary hard worker who honestly and conscientiously carried out his work. On a slippery path he became, when because of the company of Tony Stark, he was fired along with other workers. Having abducted the alien technologies of Chitauri, he and his old comrades organized their own criminal grouping.
  • Michael Cernus - Phineas Mason, Craftsman. Mason works for the Vulture and creates weapons for him.
  • Logan Marshall-Green - Montana. A handyman of Tumes.
  • Bukem Woodbine - Hermann Schultz. A handyman of Tumes.

Now you know a lot about the movie "Spider-Man: Returning Home," the actors and the roles that they embodied. If you have not seen it yet, then enjoy it!

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