Reality show "Rublyovo-Biryulyovo": reviews

Sometimes, in order to change yourself,it is necessary to rethink the values ​​that have long been entrenched in our lives. However, for this purpose it is not enough to change the situation, this will only have a temporary effect. Looking for an objective view from the outside. And for this it is enough to take part in the new telecast "Rublyovo-Biryulyovo". Reviews about this show will help you get a general idea of ​​the heroes, participants and creators of the project. More details about the transfer will be discussed in this article.

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Teleproject "Rublevo-Biryulyovo" in details

"Rublyovo-Biryulyovo" is a relatively newreality show, which premiered on the channel "Home" was held on December 8 last year. The director of the project is Olga Schmidt, the producer is Tatiana Matveeva. The plot of the show boils down to the following: there are two heroines from completely different social strata; one is a rich and well-groomed lady from Rublyovka, and the second is a typical average woman. At the same time, for each transfer, the organizers of the show select two new participants who want to reconsider their life principles and take part in Rublevo-Biryulyovo. Feedback about the transfer helps attract new heroines and has a direct impact on the popularity of the show. We'll talk about them a little later.

What is the plot of the show?

So, there are two heroines who, according to the scripttransfers must change places for one week. That is, the lady with Rublevka temporarily becomes the "mother of the family" of the woman from Biryulyovo and vice versa. As a result, both participants face new difficulties and try to solve them in various ways. As a result of such a "family trip," both heroines meet, share impressions and give advice to each other. As a result - a lot of new experiences, as well as the opportunity for each of the heroines to learn something useful and rethink their lives.

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Who are they, the heroine of the transfer "Rublyovo-Biryulyovo"?

"Rublyovo-Biryulyovo" - reality show with meaning. Rich and famous women and members of their families take part in it. For example, in one of the issues there is a civil wife of a well-known and wealthy restaurateur Tatiana Pinsker and an ordinary housewife Victoria Kharchenko. Each of them has its own family and destiny.

So, secured and does not deny yourself anythingTatiana has become accustomed to luxury since childhood. She was born in a well-to-do family, loves to live on a broad foot and travel a lot around the world. However, she also has her own difficulties. So, her civil husband does not consider it necessary to offer her hands and hearts yet, and his son is a difficult spoiled teenager, to whom Tatiana can not find an approach.

Victoria Kharchenko, on the contrary, was born in the ordinaryfamily with a small income. She is not spoiled by luxury and is the mother of two daughters. The heroine is a typical housewife, who after the decree can not come to work. In her family, the husband is the main earner. He works in a car repair shop, but his earnings are barely enough to make ends meet. In addition, the housing problem also aggravates the situation, since a family of four already lives in a communal flat for quite some time. In short, each of the heroines was able to live a week in unusual conditions for themselves and learned to find a way out of any situation.

Which stars participated in the project?

In total, a kind of television series"Rublevo-Biryulyovo" (reviews about it can be found in this article) includes 20 series. During the filming of the show took part such famous personalities as the wife of businessman Alexander Tolmatsky - Anna, TV presenter and model Anastasia Barashkova, businessmen Alexander and Irina Rogovtsevy, wealthy owners of the mansion in the Moscow region Alexander and Irina Tumanov, Jana Nivelskaya, Elena Brauns, Olga Ivantsova and others.

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"Rublyovo-Biryulyovo" (reality show): reviews, opinions, criticism

Since its release on the screens this TV showIt caused a flurry of reviews and criticism from the viewers. At the same time, some users considered the idea of ​​such a program to be frank plagiarism, since it is an analogue of the Ukrainian project "Maiden-Peasant Woman". The second part of the audience, on the contrary, expressed its comments to the creators of the project, because, in their opinion, each of the issues infringes on the rights of low-income people. The third part of the audience is inspired to discuss the behavior of wealthy women and is critical of families with low incomes.

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Many argue that after watching the show"Rublevo-Biryulyovo" reviews about the transfer arise by themselves. For example, some like-minded people unite in forums, create topics to discuss the main characters of the project, etc., among them there are a lot of conflicting comments and comments.

What do they say about the show "Rublyovo-Biryulyovo"?

The greatest number of disputes and emotionalstatements arose after one of the releases of the show, where the main characters were Anna Tolmatskaya and the usual cashier Tatyana Kucherenko. One likes a domineering socialite girl with a beautiful figure and well-groomed appearance. Others, after watching this issue of Rublyovo-Biryulyovo, the reviews about the project and about the heroine as a whole leave very unflattering. In addition, many spectators are outraged by the behavior of the former dancer, and now the wife of a rich "Papic".

In particular, some impressionable womenI noticed the moment when the lady took two adult Tatiana's children to a very expensive store, photographed their department, and then told them for a long time what they needed to do to earn so beautiful and high-quality clothes. Also, many were affected by the fastidiousness of the rich lady in relation to the family members of the Kucherenko family.

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Some, on the contrary, looking at this issuefrom the show "Rublevo-Biryulevo" (reviews about him are present in various contexts), were intolerant of Tatyana herself. They are outraged by her behavior, for example, when the heroine tried to ask money from the wife of a secular lioness. Many users were frankly led out by the father of the family, who does nothing and lies on the couch all day.

What do the participants think about the transfer?

They write about the stay in the project "Rublyovo-Biryulyovo"reviews and the participants themselves. For example, the model of Anastasia Barashkov admired the opportunity to participate in such a show. She believes that sometimes it's just necessary to go into someone's shoes, in order to rethink their life. After participating in the project, says a secular lady, she even began to respect her husband and became much closer to him.

Anna Tolmatskaya is outraged by heropponent, dissatisfied with the conditions in which she lived, and said that the number of days spent in someone else's apartment could be reduced. Elegant figure skater Anastasia Grebenkina believes that the very idea of ​​the show is good. During her participation, she did not experience any particular negativity and discomfort, and she was sympathetic to the problems of the family of another heroine. However, the celebrity upset the unpleasant remarks that the second participant of the show was not too lazy about her family.

The spouse of the same Roman Zhukova Elena spoke about participating in the show as a wonderful experiment. She praised the organizers and screenwriters, and also talked about the priceless experience gained in another family.

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Thus, rereading the feedback of participants about the project "Rublevo-Biryulyovo", you can get a general idea of ​​the heroes, the creators of the show and draw certain conclusions.

What was interesting during the filming of the show?

During the filming of the show's creators came acrosssome interesting moments and sometimes even with curious situations. So, about 200 low-income families tried to get involved in the first season of the project. It is understandable, because in the role of Cinderella (even for a short time) almost every second woman and girl dreams to visit. And then the selection took place on the principle "the more the difference between the participants on both sides, the better." During the project, 40 families with different levels of income took part in the show.

According to the producer of the show Tatyana Matveeva, there is nonothing is better than the Rublevo-Biryulyovo project. Feedback about this program allows you to draw conclusions that such topics are of interest to viewers. And the creators themselves were interested in seeing how both families share their experiences. However, there were some excesses. For example, during the transfer, one of the heroines quarreled with her husband and, with the entire crew, kicked him out. In addition, in many families, including wealthy people, there were skeletons in the closet, which even you could not imagine.

ruble realistic reality show

In short, the social show-series has passedsuccessfully. In the near future, according to its organizers, the casting will be held for the second season of the project. Whether you will become a participant of this show or not, it's up to you!

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