Composer M. P. Mussorgsky, "The Old Castle".

Today we will consider a work thatcreated M. P. Mussorgsky - "The Old Castle". Originally it was written for piano, but it was repeatedly arranged by composers for orchestral performance and was processed in various musical styles.


Mussorgsky old castle
Let's start with how he created his workMussorgsky. "The Old Castle" is a play that is part of the "Pictures at an Exhibition" suite. A series of musical "images" is dedicated to the memory of another composer - artist and architect VA Hartman.

Mussorgsky, "The Old Castle": features of the composition

The work was created in 1874. The basis for the play was the watercolor of Hartmann with the architecture of Italy. The sketch of the picture is not preserved. Exposed works were actively sold, the whereabouts of the canvas-mastermind are unknown. The work of Mussorgsky's "Old Castle" describes the corresponding medieval structure. The troubadour sings before him. The composer manages to revive this character. For this, he uses a thoughtful, flowing melody, sounding against a background of monotonous measured accompaniment. Such music evokes a lyrical contemplative mood. The song of the troubadour is filled with knightly medievalism. Music conveys the idea, which the artist painted through colors.


Mussorgsky's old castle
Mussorgsky, according to reviews of contemporaries -a beautiful pianist. He fascinated listeners when he sat down at the instrument. Through sound, he was able to recreate any picture. At the same time, the composer composed relatively little instrumental music. He was most attracted by the opera. It was she who devoted most of the creative powers to Mussorgsky. "Old Castle", however, is one of his most famous works. He set himself the artistic task of creating a psychological portrait and penetrating into the souls of his characters.

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