Actor Kevin McHale: Filmography

Kevin McHale is an actor, singer and dancer. Among his most famous acting works are the series "Choir" and "True Blood". Before doing acting, Kevin was fond of music, even was a soloist of the pop group NLT.

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Early life and early career

Actor Kevin McHale was born June 14, 1988 in the town of Plano (Texas) and was the youngest of four children in the family.

The young man made his debut on the screen in 2007, performing a small role in the popular comedy show "Office".

A year later in the teenage series "Zoe 101" againappeared Kevin McHale. The actor played in three episodes, along with Jamie Lynn Spears and Erin Sanders. The show looked more than 7 million viewers, especially it was popular among teenagers.

In the same year, McHale played assistant coroner Neil Jones in the fantastic television series "True Blood."


A real breakthrough in his career was waiting for Kevin in 2009. McHale Kevin, an actor whose films had previously not been very popular with him, was selected for one of the main roles in the drama series "Choir" (in Russia is better known as "The Luzers"). McHale played Artie Abrams - a teenager who was confined to a wheelchair after a car accident. from 2009 to 2015, the actor was busy executing this role, playing in 113 episodes of the television series. He performed all the songs on the screen himself. Kevin McHale is an actor whose success after the television series "Choir" was a surprise for everyone. The role of Artie Abrams helped him become a real star and popular in Hollywood actor.

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Other projects

In 2017, director Gus Van Seth took offa documentary mini-series dedicated to LGBT themes, "When We Rise." The role of activist Bobby Campbell, a real historical figure, was given to Kevin McHale. The actor played along with such stars as Guy Pearce and Mary-Louise Parker. From the critics, the series received mostly positive reviews and not least thanks to the good cast. The general audience of the series is 3 million spectators, a good indicator for documentary films.

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