Soviet film "You are expecting a citizen Nikanorova." Actors and roles

Soviet film "You are expecting a citizenNikanorova, whose actors and roles are represented in this article, appeared on the screens in the late seventies, based on the simple story of a woman dreaming of a "prince."

you are waited by the citizen Nikanorova actors

History of the film

The script was written by Viktor Merezhko. It was not immediately possible to arrange the shooting of the film for his work. Oddly enough, but in the eyes of officials, the story of a simple woman who has been in the search for a "single" for many years has been immoral. "Break" the cinematic superiors was able to director Leonid Mariagin, who seemed extremely interesting motif of female loneliness.

the main role

Director of the film "You are waited by a citizenNikanorov did not pick up the actors for long, although he initially suggested Svetlana Kryuchkova to the main role, but she did not show up for the samples.) Mariagin took on the role of Nikanorova Gundareva.

you expect the citizen Nikanorova actors and roles

Comedian as the Prince

Borislav Brondukov played the main character inmelodrama "you will be a citizen of Nikanorov." Behind the actor by that time the role of the comedian was fixed. It was unusual to see him in the image of a lyrical hero. However, Mariagin ventured. And I was not mistaken. The duet of Gundareva and Brondkova on the screen looked very colorful.


The director planned to make a film near the OldOskol, where he spent his childhood and youth. However, after arriving at a small homeland, he did not recognize the places that he had stored for so long in his heart. From the Russian provincial idyll there is nothing left. The city expanded and swallowed up the village. It was decided to shoot in the Rostov region, not far from Taganrog.

 the actors filmma awaits you citizen Nikanorova

"You are waited by the citizen Nikanorova": actors

The real flowering of Gundareva's career as atheater, and in the cinema, fell at the beginning of the eighties. That is, after the release of the picture "You are expecting a citizen Nikanorova." Actor's career from the beginning was not bad. However, at the beginning of the creative path Gundareva played mostly simple rural women, while she was able to create more complex images ("Sweet Woman", "Autumn Marathon", "Duck Hunt"). And in 1990, the actress played a role that has absolutely nothing to do with either Nikanorova or any other film stars she created earlier, a role in the social drama The Dog Feast.

The first role was played by Boris Brondukov infilm Parajanov "Flower on a stone." In total, in his filmography more than a hundred works. And most of them are episodic. Brondukov was one of those artists who knew even a small role to make memorable. He often appeared on the screen in the image of rascals and alcoholics. But at the same time, his characters aroused sympathy.

Who else played in the film?Actor Ivan Ryzhov acted as chairman of the collective farm, Natalia Gushchina, the girlfriend of the main character, and Yevgeny Kindinov, who often appeared in television films in recent years, Mikhail Vaska, played the driver of the collective farm chairman, Lev Borisov, an active villager. The last roles this actor played in the series "Penalty."

In the film, Maryagin was also played by Gennady Frolov, Valentina Berezutskaya, Vera Novikova, Viktor Shulgin.

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