The film "St. John's Wort": actors and roles, they played

Andrei Rostotsky made a film in 1990the work of Fenimore Cooper. This was his second directorial work. Viewers liked the film. Critics have reacted to her skeptically. The film is called "St. John's wort". The actor, roles and plot of the picture are presented in the article.

St. John's Wort actors


Filming took place in Ivanovo and Vladimirareas. Rostotsky's film did not win the approval of film critics, because it differed significantly from the westerns known to Soviet viewers. There is no idealization of the Indians, who are waging a liberation war against the colonialists. Both Americans and the Aborigines have their own truth.


The main characters, Nathaniel Bampo and Harry March, peopletotally different. Once encountered in a wild forest (in which each of them, however, is pretty well oriented), they became friends. Not right away. First, Nathaniel saved Harry's life. Both of them go to the lake called the Shimmering Mirror. Nathaniel needs to come to the aid of his Indian friend. Harry, with all his thoughts, is already in the house of Thomas Hutter.

The eldest daughter of Hatter, the beautiful and waywardarrogant, long ago deprived of the peace of March. The girl's name is Judith, and she has a younger sister - Hattie. The younger Miss Hutter does not have a vivid beauty, but the heart is good, which, unfortunately, Harry, can not be proud of the eldest.

The events in the film unfold in the backgroundScenic landscapes that indigenous people do not appreciate. They, instead of enjoying the beauties of the pristine American nature, lead an uncompromising, bitter struggle. This war ends tragically. The younger daughter of Hattera is dead. But first the old man himself dies at the hands of the Indians, from which representatives of the wild tribe traditionally remove the scalp. This is the plot of Cooper, transferred by Rostotsky to the screen. Who played the main role in the movie "St. John's wort?"

St. John's wort actors and roles


The role of Harry was performed by Pavel Abdalov. Andrei Khvorov played Nathaniel, who, due to his dexterity and achievements in hunting, nicknamed St. John's Wort. Actor Eduard Murashov played the role of Hutter. Elena Kondulainen and Olga Mashnaya played the daughters of this hero. Other actors of the movie "St. John's wort" - George Pitskhelauri, Sergei Lodzeysky, Natalia Tabakova, Vladimir Episkoposyan, Vladimir Badov.

Pavel Abdalov

Performer of the role of Harry in the movie "St. John's wort"Actor career began in 1986, with a role in the film "Kin-dza-dza." In all, there are more than forty works in his filmography. Among them are roles in the films "Moscow. Three Train Stations "," Memory of the Heart "," Eight-Maiden-5 "," Order "," Motherland ".

Andrey Khvorov

In the movie "St. John's wort," the actor made his debut. Andrey Khvorov is a candidate for master of sports in hand-to-hand combat. In 1990 he graduated from GITIS. Played on the stage of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. TV viewers remembered by roles in the films "Kulagin and partners," "Seraphim is beautiful," "Soldiers." Andrei Khvorov passed away in 2011. The cause of death was an accident on the set.

Hollywood movie actors


Elena Kondulainen has been acting in films since 1979. Before the shooting of "St. John's wort," the actress played in such films as "Primary Russia", "The Feast of Neptune", "Wild Wind". Olga Mashnaya became famous after the movie "Midshipmen, forward!". In the 80 years she was quite active in acting. Today Mashnoy can often be seen on TV shows and various television shows.

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