Australian actor Taylor Robert: a brief biography and filmography

Australian actor Taylor Robert not only starred in television, but also plays on the stage. The most famous for him was the image of the agent Jones, who he played in the movie "The Matrix".


australian actor taylor robert
Australian actor Taylor Robert on hishe dreamed of his current profession since childhood. One day he saw an ad, which referred to the set of Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts - a drama school. Our hero entered this educational institution, spent three years there. He graduated from the course in 1986.

Early creativity and international fame

Australian actor Taylor Robert started actingon TV. He lived in Melbourne. Among his first successful work on television is the work in the British series called Ballykissangel. There he was given the role of Vincent's father. Also in the early period, Australian actor Taylor Robert played in the film "After the Rain" and the TV series Blue Heelers. He often appeared as a guest guest in a variety of television projects. Among them it should be noted: Yellowthread Street, "Brotherhood of the Rose", "Singing in the thorns 2" and Flipper.

International fame for our hero cameAfter he starred in the "Matrix" of the Wachowski brothers. Then there was the role in the movie Muggers - the black comedy, and the high-altitude thriller "Vertical Limit" by Martin Campbell. He also starred in the movie "Crocodile". He played in the Australian film Coffin Rock. Got the lead role in the TV series "Longmayr" of American origin.

Taylor Robert - Australian actor: movies

taylor robert australian actor films
The actor in 1988 played in the tape "Something is not from here". Then there was the role in the series "At home and on the road." Took part in the film "The Last Bullet". In 1999 he starred in the film "The First Daughter". In 2002, the picture "The Word of a Thief" with his participation appeared on the screens. In 2003 he starred in the film "Banda Kelly." In 2004, there was work on the film "The Mystery of Natalie Wood."

In 2005, the tape "Hercules" appeared with the participation of the actor. It tells the story of the son of Queen Alkmena and the god Zeus.

Our hero from 2007 to 2010 worked on theserial "Pleasure". His plot tells of the life of five girls. Gradually raised issues such as trust, loyalty, friendship and rivalry.

Soon came the "Storm Warning". The picture tells of a married couple, who began her boat trip in the conditions of a terrible storm. Their boat crashed, and the heroes were thrown into a deserted eerie place, surrounded by an impenetrable forest. They find something like an abandoned farm. The heroes understand that, if the master suddenly appears, nothing good awaits them, but they could not even imagine the size of the horror waiting ahead.

In general, all the films with his participation are quite interesting. Enjoy watching!

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