Latest news "House-2": Elina Kamiren is pregnant

Not so long ago the Internet appeared veryan unexpected rumor that Elina Kamiren, the former participant of the TV project "Dom-2", is pregnant. The girl decided to remind her about her existence not only to the audience, but also to her former bridegroom Alexander Zadoynov. Believe it or not - it's up to you.

Elina Kamiren and Alexander Zadoynov

To say that Alexander is very long and hardsought the attention of Elina - then, do not say anything. For several months she did not perceive him as her young man, but the guy did not give up. Their relationship can not be called calm: they could quarrel and immediately make up, in one day, leave and reconcile again. The guys moved swiftly to the wedding, but Elina did not really want to marry Zadoynov's "miserable", so one million from the organizers came by the way.

Elina the Cameron is pregnant
According to the words of Ms. Kamiren herself, she does not go on shopping, if her card does not have 500 thousand rubles, and Alexander could offer her only his debts and love.

The struggle for a million

However, when in the winter of this year it is on the frontal placemade her an offer, giving a magnificent ring from "Tiffany", she agreed. The wedding was planned for a decade of the project. In addition to them, a million rubles, which was allocated for the organization of the celebration, were claimed by Lieberge Cpadon and Yevgeny Rudnev. A little later to legitimize relations, Andrei Cherkasov and Anna Kruchinina gathered. It turned out that each pair will receive a little more than 300 thousand, and this was not at all satisfactory to Elina. The couple constantly swore, and soon the girl broke off relations and left the project. According to many viewers, Elina left precisely because she could not get this money. Later in social networks, she wrote that the ring, donated by Sasha, she bought for 3200 dollars. We can only take her word for it.

"House-2": Elina Kamiren is pregnant

As mentioned earlier, this news shockedall. Shortly before this Sasha said that he is a free guy and he has no relationship with Elina. He flirted with the girls and recorded video tours of the new Glade, but then found out that Elina Kamiren was pregnant with him. She sent her former young man a photo of a positive pregnancy test, which showed a three-week period. And in a few days - and video from ultrasound.

Elina Kamiren is pregnant from Zadoynov

Tatyana Kirilyuk, a member of the TV station,doubt that Elina Kamiren is pregnant with Zadoynov. She is sure that the couple broke up and joined only for the money for the wedding. In her opinion, during the absence of Elina, Alexander had to destroy the relations between Zhenya and Lieberge, but, as we know, this did not happen. Participants suggested that the pregnant woman would return to the project after talking with Sasha, and were absolutely right.

Elina again on the project

The news that Elina Kamiren is pregnant is notespecially pleased the project participants. As it turned out, there were practically no friends and girlfriends in her perimeter. With the only girlfriend of Lieberge, she quarreled while she was breaking up money, and the girl did not communicate well with anyone. In conversation with the presenters Elina said that if Sasha is not ready to tolerate the explosions of her emotions, then they should not be together. And he said that with this behavior of the future mother of his child, it is better for her to leave the project and live in Tyumen. At the construction site, the guys suggested that Sasha takes revenge on her for her grievances, and Elina should give him the dominance in the relationship, but she was not ready for it, saying that she was used to being the first in everything. Despite the fact that Elina Kamiren is pregnant, Alexander is not going to marry her and says that they are together only for the sake of the baby's future. This could not but grieve the girl, and between them there was even a brawl, which we did not see on the air.

What is happening now?

For the decade of the project, some participantsmoved to new city apartments. Among them were future parents, but they did not manage to spend the night in a new place. In the evening, Elina became ill, and she and Sasha went to the hospital. More on the project it was not seen. No one is waiting for her on the meadow, except, probably, Sasha, but the girl does not hurry there. She puts photos from social gatherings and, apparently, spends a lot of time.

House 2: Elina Kamiren is pregnant

Elina will return to the project or decide to stay behind the perimeter - only she knows. Let's hope that the couple find a common language, pregnancy will be easy, and Elina will give Sasha a healthy baby.

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