Adam Sandler (Adam Sandler) - master of comedy. Filmography and biography of Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Today, the hero of our narrative will beworld-famous actor, screenwriter, producer, musician and recognized master of comedy - Adam Sandler. We offer a closer look at the Hollywood star, learning about some of the details of his career and personal life.

Biography of Adam Sandler

The future world-famous comedian came into beingAugust 9, 1966 in the American Brooklyn. His father, Stanley, was an electrical engineer, and his mother, Judith, taught at the school. It's interesting that Adam's great-grandfather was Ukrainian: during the Second World War he married with an American and took her surname Sandler. When the future Hollywood star turned five years old, he moved with his family to the city of Manchester, located in the state of New Hampshire.

While studying at school, Adam Sandler discovered in himselfan extraordinary talent to make people laugh. However, the boy did not think that this gift would ever come in handy for him in his career, until he took part in the competition of comedy scenes, where he performed really brilliantly. After school, he entered the University of New York, while studying in which he played a lot in clubs and campuses.

Carier start

For the first time on television, Adam appeared in 1980,starring in an episode of a very popular in America series called "Shock Crosby". The debut of Sandler in the movie took place in 1989. It was the film "All Overboard", which tells the story of the novice stand-up comedian Shikka Moskovitsa, whose role was performed by Adam. In the same period, Sandler actively performs in various comedy clubs.

Comedy Adam Sandler

Very soon he meets with Dennis Miller,who invites him to Los Angeles and recommends Lorne Michaels, the producer of the show "Saturday Night Live" on the SNL channel. As a result, Adam was hired in 1990 as an author. However, after a few months he begins to appear in the frame, performing in sketches and performing songs. After that, Sandler was perceived exclusively as a professional actor.

In 1993, Adam took part in the filming of comedy"Eggheads", playing the episodic role of the crafty seller of fake products called Carmine. The following year, Sandler played the protagonist Pip in the movie "Wind in the head." In 1994, Adam signed a contract to record a studio album titled "They'll Laugh With You" with Warner Bros.. For this work, he was even nominated for the prestigious Grammy Music Award.

films with Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler: filmography, career continuation

The affairs of the young actor and musician formed ascan not be better. In 1995, he starred in the film "Billy Madison." A year later, the audience again had the opportunity to contemplate the big screens of a favorite comedian in two ribbons, "Lucky Gilmore" and "Bulletproof".

The career of the actor has been steadily moving uphill,talent, he also had an amazing ability to tie useful acquaintances. As a result, Adam Sandler in Hollywood was just snapped, and every year on the big screens there were several paintings with his participation. So, in 1998 he starred in two films: "Mama's Son" and "The Singer at the Wedding." The following year, the premiere of Dennis Douglas's series "Big Daddy", which very quickly won the hearts of millions of viewers.


Films with Adam Sandler one by onecontinued to appear on the screens and with the beginning of the new millennium. In 2001, he took part in the shooting of three paintings at once: "Animal", "Undeclared" and "America: A Tribute to Heroes". I must say that the directors just adored Adam for his ability to portray in front of the camera exactly what they want from him. In 2002, four films with Sandler immediately appeared on the big screen: Stephen Brill's "Millionaire," "The Love That Knocks Down" directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Tom Brady's "Chick" and Seth Kirsley's "Eight Crazy Nights".

Adam Sandler filmography

The following year, Adam appeared before the audience inunusual for himself the role of a dramatic actor. It was the work in the film "Anger Management", where his partner on the set was Jack Nicholson.

And the year 2004 was fruitful for the actor. Adam took part in the filming of the popular television show "Saturday Night Live", and also starred in Peter Sigal's films "All or Nothing" and "50 First Kisses". Then came the work of Sandler in such films as "Click: with the remote control of life", "Funny people", "Chuck and Larry: fire wedding" and others. And Sandler did not always appear before the viewer in the form of a foolish comedian, but also in the role of a convincing dramatic actor.

In 2010, the film is released"Classmates", where, in addition to Adam, such celebrities as Salma Hayek, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider are involved. The comedy had such success that three years later it was decided to withdraw the second part.

In 2014 the same year, several more films with Adam Sandler are expected to be released: "Shoemaker", "Mixed" and "Men, Women and Children".

Other interests

In addition to the talented acting, Adam Sandleris also an excellent screenwriter. In this role, he appeared in such films as "Rewind", "Billy Madison", "Click: with the remote control over life" and others.

Sandler owns his own film company forthe title "Happy Madison" and is engaged in producing films. Among his particularly successful works are the following pictures: "Nikki, the Devil Jr.", "Master of Reincarnation", "Animal", "Anger Management", "Millionaire involuntarily" and "Do not Mess with the Zohan".

In addition, as already mentioned, Adam is also a professional musician. To date, he has recorded five albums.

biography of Adam Sandler

The personal life of the actor

Adam Sandler is an exemplary family man andthe father of two adorable little daughters. In 2003, he married his long-time friend, actress and former model Jackie Titon, who first met in 1998 on the set of "Big Daddy." The wedding took place in a romantic setting on the beach. Among the guests were many celebrities, among whom were seen such stars of the first magnitude, as Dustin Hoffman, Jennifer Aniston and Rob Schneider.

In 2006, the Sandler family had a daughter, who was given the name of Sadie Madison. And two years later, Adam and his wife Jackie became the happy parents of another girl, Sunny Meadelin.

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