Little Mermaid Ariel ("Disney"). Appearance, nature, interesting facts

For the first time the animated film "The Little Mermaid" was released onscreens in 1989. The main heroine of the picture is the young girl Ariel. Disney thought about creating a cartoon from the very foundation of the studio, even before the release of "Snow White". Her head decided to create an interpretation of the history of Hans Christian Andersen in 1930. At that time it was technically impossible, so the picture came out only 59 years later.

Ariel. Disney

Character Creation

Appearance and style of the Little Mermaid were inventedanimator Glen Keane. Inspired by his wife. Alyssa Milano also had to do with the creation of Ariel. "Disney" collaborated with the model of Sherry Stoner, who repeated the character's movements in reality, posing for animators. The voice of Ariel was played by the actress of the theater Jodi Benson, who admitted that the main character of the cartoon is her favorite character. In the Russian dubbing the girl was voiced by Svetlana Svetikova.

The main difficulty of creating a cartoonwas that Ariel ("Disney") had to be shown in completely different scenes - at sea and on earth. Animators created 32 color models. Just look at the variety of colors and shades of Ariel's luxurious castle! "Disney", or rather staff artists, worked well over the tail of the girl - specifically for this was created a special shade, which was named after the main character. Red hair caused controversy animators and studio executives - the latter wanted to see a blonde little mermaid. Artists won: red much better in harmony with the color of the tail.

Ariel Disney Castle

Character and appearance of the character

At age 16, Ariel is very beautiful. He wears chic red hair and a big green tail. The nature of the girl is naughty and rebellious. Ariel is the most disobedient of all sisters, it is she who constantly gets involved in adventure. All her life the girl lives in the sea, but she irresistibly pulls up, so she collects things that used to belong to people. Friendliness, kindness, love for friends and family - this is the whole Ariel. "Disney" - a company that has always created good and good cartoons, and this time the creators endowed the main character with empathy: she constantly saves the inhabitants of the marine world who are in trouble.

The plot of the cartoon

Mermaid Ariel lives in a large sea kingdomtogether with his father Triton and six sisters. Her best friends are Sebastian crab and Flunders fish. Together with him, she studies a drowned ship. Trying to find an answer to the question of what objects they find, Ariel remembers that he must participate in the choir in honor of Triton. He chastises his daughter for being late, and the girl floats away to her collection of human things.

Suddenly she and Sebastian see a big ship,which crashes. Mermaid Ariel saves Prince Eric, takes him ashore and sings a song. When he opens his eyes, it floats away. For the sake of becoming a part of the human world, Ariel goes to a deal with the sea witch Ursula - she gives her her voice.

Disney cartoons. Ariel

Appearance in other cartoons

Ariel can be seen in the second part of the cartoon- The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. The plot narrates about the events that occurred one year after the adventures of the first part. Eric and Ariel are happy, they have a beautiful daughter Malody. Parents decide not to tell the girl their story to save it. But the disobedient girl is still drawn to the sea. Under the influence of evil spells Malodi turns into a mermaid.

The next part is "The Little Mermaid: The beginning of Ariel's story, "is the prequel of the first cartoon. It tells about the girl's childhood. She also appears in the cartoon "Mouse House" as a guest in the house of Mickey Mouse.

Interesting Facts

  • About a thousand colors and backgrounds were used incartoon. The artists painted over a million drawings. The directors demanded that each individual bubble be drawn by hand. For this purpose, additional animators were invited.
  • For the first time in history, digital technologies were used (the wedding scene of Ariel and the prince).
  • To help the animators, live actors were shot on the camera.
  • In the original Andersen's tale, everything ended not so well - the prince married another, and the girl turned into a sea foam. The writers found the story too tragic and rewritten the story.
  • Over the storm scene, 10 special effects specialists worked for a year.

Mermaid Ariel

Like other Disney cartoons, "Ariel"won the love of viewers around the globe. Till now children with interest watch this legendary cartoon created by studio of unique and ingenious animator.

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