Black Square: History and Creativity

The rock group "Black Square" was created by Igor Sokolov. The team was formed in Belgorod in 1989. It was there that Igor received a music education in BGIC, selecting a class of tuba.


group black square
The group "Black Square" was created thanks topassion for creativity of Viktor Tsoi. His Igor managed to carry through his life. During the first years of the band's existence, a large number of different musical material was written. Later, he entered the albums "Parallels" and "Walking at the Moon." Some songs the musician created during the service in the army, individual poems were written, and later presented to our hero Alisa Ponikarovskaya and Tatyana Kolkova.


In the year 2001 Igor goes to Moscow and strives for self-realization in creativity. As a result, the group "Black Square" was revived by them in 2 years. At first the collective consisted of various session musicians. The group "Black Square" finds its permanent composition much later. Before that, there were the first rehearsals on the territory of the DC CSK. Soon the debut metropolitan concerts in various clubs began. Acoustic performance took place in the "Oracle of a divine bottle." An electronic concert was held at Club 31.


rock band black square
The "Black Square" group has found the first permanentcomposition and began to play street concerts. The team quickly got fans who came to listen to the musicians at the set time in the usual place. This is, first of all, VDNH, Vorobyovy Gory, Arbat. The collective received the title of "street musicians", which did not seem to the participants as something unworthy or humiliating. The energy of such live concerts has always been liked by the team. Thanks to such performances, the group was recognized by hundreds of guests of the capital and Muscovites. Since 2010, the team begins to play the tribute program "Cinema". Through the time Victor Tsoi's creative work finds resonance in the hearts of listeners.

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