Marina Lizorkina is a singer and artist

Marina Lizorkina
Stars of the Russian stage sometimes amazefans with their unexpected actions. Sudden withdrawal from the team, when he is at the height of popularity - a frequent phenomenon in the world of show business. That's exactly the time when the participant of the "Silver" group Marina Lizorkina entered.


The future star was born in Moscow. In early childhood, they moved with their parents to the Crimea. It was there that the girl entered the prestigious music school. Her passion for music did not end there. Unlike most children, who literally were forced to go to music school, Marina adored all classes. A difficult solfeggio and long piano lessons inspired her. As a result, the girl graduated from the pop-jazz academy.

The first steps in music

Marina Lizorkina, whose biography speaks ofsuccess of the artist, cheerfully rushed to fulfill her musical dreams. She showed herself in the group "Formula", it began to be recognized in certain circles. Then the girl recorded her own track, which was called "Stop." This song got into radio-rotation and even took the lead in contests.

Silver, Marina Lizorkina

After that, Marina Lizorkina heard about the filmingTV series "Doomed to become a star." It required a vocalist and songwriter. Without thinking twice, the girl went to the set. Offering her services, she did not fail. The vocal parts of the main character, Violetta, now belonged to her. She wrote several songs for the series and expanded her acquaintance with influential people. After that Marina brightly proved herself as a musician, having started writing songs to many popular performers, for example, Dmitry Malikov's sister, Inna.

Group "Silver": Marina Lizorkina

2006 marked the beginning of the launch for Marina of hercareer of the singer. She contacted Max Fadeev and after listening to him received an invitation from him to a group of absolutely new level. It was a different style of performance, more Europeanized. Perhaps because of this, no one known to the collective received the right to represent Russia at Eurovision. "Silver" took the third place there, their song immediately flew to the top of the charts. A series of remixes, covers, secular parties began. The names of the participants of the group were instantly recognized by all residents of the country. Marina Lizorkina felt like a real star. In the group she participated in recording six tracks. Then the girl left the collective.

Why did Marina Lizorkina leave?

Career of the artist

It seemed that at last Marina had found the long-awaitedpopularity, and her ambitions had to be met. But it was not so. She left "Silver" at the peak of popularity, three years after the creation of the group.

Why did Marina Lizorkina leave? Some said that this fact was directly related to conflicts in the team. But Marina always had a pretty meek temper, she did not enter into any confrontations with the members of the group and, moreover, with her producer, in which everyone did not like the soul. The reason was different: Marina discovered a new talent - an artistic talent. Her first exhibition opened in 2009, shortly before the presentation of the band's new album. There she showed herself as a talented surrealist. After impressions of the exhibition, she no longer saw herself in anything other than fine art. That's why the girl took part in the April presentation of the album "OpiumRoz" and finished her musical career on this.

Current activities

Marina Lizorkina, biography

After the exhibition "Sansara" Marina Lizorkina throughhalf a year has opened a new one called "Everything depends on you." The topic was quite clear: Marina had long talked about the fact that if she had the opportunity, she would certainly be engaged in charity. And it happened. Funds from the sale of several paintings by Marina went to various organizations to work with the disadvantaged. Two years later, the former stage star opened a new private show dedicated to spring flowering. There she used dried flowers to make the composition naturalistic and colorful.

Lizorkina Marina - a bright girl and a man,talented in different spheres. Despite the fact that she did not graduate from art school, Marina felt a desire for art and has so far successfully demonstrated this. Participation in the group "Silver", she recalls with great warmth, but believes that the team has already received everything that could be taken.

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