Cinema "Aurora" (Krasnodar). The history of the creation and future of the cinema

These movie fans have the opportunity to watchfavorite movies not only on TV or using online sites. In each city there is one or, as a rule, several cinemas, inviting viewers to appreciate masterpieces of cinematic art on the big screen. One such is the cinema "Aurora". Krasnodar, a major city in Russia, happily invites locals and all guests to visit a remarkable cinema that has long won the recognition of city dwellers.

cinema aurora krasnodar

The building with historical significance

The cinema "Aurora" was built from 1963 to 1967. The project manager was the famous architect EA Serdyukov. The building is located at the intersection of Krasnaya and Ofitserskaya streets, its official address: Krasnaya Street, 169. It has taken root among the picturesque areas and blended into the modern look of the city. But few know what kind of story the "Aurora" cinema has. Krasnodar, on whose streets it is located, is proud of the fact that the building was awarded the title of a monument of architecture. Thus, the "Aurora" is not just an entertainment center, but a structure with a special historical and cultural value.

aurora cinema Krasnodar

Improvement of the cinema and its leading position

After the May 13, 1967 movie theater"Aurora" was put into operation, until the end of the millennium, residents had the opportunity to watch a wide variety of paintings, including Soviet-era tapes. Global reconstruction was carried out in the early 2000s. Then the spectator seats and the whole range of equipment, as well as interior decoration and interior were replaced. Later, they installed a digital projector, which allows to show films of higher quality modern formats - 2D and 3D. Arrangement also touched the second room - the number of seats in it significantly decreased, which led to greater comfort for the audience. Despite the appearance of competitors in the city, the cinema "Aurora" (Krasnodar) continued to occupy a leading position.

Advantages and future of the cinema

There were reasons for that, which are more logical to be called advantages. Among them:

  • two halls (1200 and 80 seats) with fully digital formats, including sound equipment DOLBI DIGITAL SURROUND;
  • additional activities for children, the presence of a children's room with slot machines;
  • availability of cafes and pizzerias, as well as parking;
  • possibility of booking tickets and credit cards;
  • a convenient location in the center and an opportunity to get to the main city routes.

Today, the city has a new "Aurora". Cinema (Krasnodar was not an exception in the development of cinemas of a new generation) with its modern technologies for many is perceived not simply as an echo of childhood, but as a serious direction in improving the appearance of the city and its cultural sites. In 2007, the construction of a shopping complex was planned, but local authorities refused this idea. They could not deprive the locals of such a structure, because in the eyes of the townspeople, it grew and grew.

cinema aurora krasnodar

An important change was the opening of the summera cinema in Chistyakivsky grove. It is a spectator hall built of wooden scaffolding, and a large screen, located in the fresh air. Of course, this is a new idea, which has found wide application. Similar summer sites are being created in other cities of our country.

In late autumn of 2014, the lastfilms of the season ("The magic of moonlight", "The Curse of Annabel", "Penguins of Madagascar") before the cinema "Aurora" (Krasnodar) was closed for reconstruction. The date of opening is not yet reported, but its official website is still functioning. Local residents are eagerly awaiting the resumption of the work of their favorite movie theater, keeping the hope that this will happen as soon as possible.

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